Yu-Gi-Oh Cosplay Imagines a Black Holiday Magician Girl


Yu Gi Oh ! is one of the biggest animated series that also has a card game that still has real-world tournaments and while an adjustable wrench has been released into the series thanks in part to the coronavirus pandemic in which Regarding its tournaments, that hasn’t stopped fans from celebrating the series. With the animated series starting with the story of Yugi Moto and his Duel Monsters, one of his favorite cards was Dark Magician Girl, with a cosplayer bringing the character to life with a holiday aesthetic.

During this year’s Jump Festa, the major event that hints at the future of several anime franchises, Yu Gi Oh ! announced that a new animated series is in the works, under the name of Yu-Gi-Oh Go Rush. The previous season of the animated franchise being Yu-Gi-Oh Sevens, the series has yet to reveal what connections this new season may have with previous entries, if any. Of course, as fans of the anime franchise know, Yugi Moto’s story ended with the first season that introduced him and his friends, although the Duel Monsters continue to be employed. by new duelists via these new stories.

Instagram cosplayer K8Sarkissian shared this new take on one of Yugi Moto’s favorite dueling monsters, giving the Dark Magician Girl a colorful new makeover that gets her into the holiday spirit as fans of the franchise await the new scenario of Yu-Gi-Oh Go Rush to arrive next year:

Although Yugi’s story ended with Duel Monsters, he made appearances in films that followed the conclusion of the first season. While Yu-Gi-Oh Go Rush tells a new story, the promotional material for the new season does not include Yugi, likely hinting that the original protagonist will no longer be featured once featured. While Yugi may be absent, it’s certainly possible for Dark Magician Girl to make an appearance as she remains a staunch card within the franchise.

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