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the Yu Gi Oh! the anime has seen a lot of unusual cards over the years, and some are just too weird to use in the real card game. Sometimes it’s so that the protagonist has a card to use in a very specific duel, and other times it’s to create a unique deck for a unique character. Anyway, maps in anime are a rather fascinating phenomenon.

Sometimes, however, animated cards can be so bizarre that the viewer really has to wonder how they could even be viable. Either the effects don’t make sense, or they feel like they’d be impossible to incorporate into a real duel. Indeed, this has proven to be the case with some cards. They stayed in the anime because there was no way for them to work outside of the anime. Although there are some cards in real life that are absurd enough to be banned by Yu-Gi-Oh’s banlist, these anime cards stand out for a different reason.


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Some of the maps featured in the Yu Gi Oh! anime is so weird that it needs a fairly detailed explanation to understand how it’s supposed to work in the game. Even with that, sometimes the only real explanation is that anime has its own rules, and those rules are much more malleable than the actual game. There are a few maps that require special consideration, if only to see how bizarre the anime’s duels can be at times.

Weird Yu-Gi-Oh! Anime Cards – Deuce turns duels into a tennis match

Deuce turned a tennis-themed duel into a tennis match.

Deuce stands out as one of the fanciest cards to ever appear in anime by far. Its effect is almost reminiscent of one of Yami Yugi’s games from before Yu Gi Oh! was on the cards. It could only be activated if both players had exactly 1000 life left, which is almost impossible to predict in advance. When activated, it changes the rules of the duel so that each player can only attack with one monster each turn, and whoever manages to deal damage to their opponent twice in a row without taking any damage themselves wins. instantly the duel.

It’s clear that Deuce only exists because its user in the anime, Harrington, had an entirely tennis-centric deck, with anime-exclusive cards such as Giant Racket and Service Ace. However, Deuce is a card that completely changed the way dueling works. Deuce acts as Harrington’s last bet once the duel backfires, but protagonist Jaden takes him down with an Elemental Hero combo. Although there is something to be said for building a deck around one’s favorite Yu Gi Oh! card, Deuce clearly wasn’t worth it.

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Even discounting the fact that Deuce’s activation requirements are so stringent that playing organically would be next to impossible, its effect is unnecessarily convoluted. It would probably be difficult to program in one of the Yu Gi Oh! games, not to mention the heaviness in a real duel. It’s also worth mentioning that Harrison lost the duel on the very turn after playing Deuce, which doesn’t paint a good picture of the card.

Strange Yu-Gi-Oh! Anime Cards – Ragnarok devastated Yugi’s deck

Ragnarok is essentially Raigeki with a shocking cost.

Ragnarok is a map of the Yu Gi Oh! anime that could theoretically be made into a real map. It does not circumvent the rules of the game and the effect is not difficult to understand. Despite this, Ragnarok still manages to be so ridiculous that there’s virtually no chance of it ever being printed for real, especially since its only appearance as a card in the Yu Gi Oh! the anime was almost two decades ago. However, her only appearance was a show that made her iconic. Ragnarok could only be activated if the user had two Dark Magician archetype monsters on the field. When activated, it would banish all monsters in the user’s hand, deck, and graveyard in exchange for destroying all monsters on the opposing side of the field.

There are several things that raise eyebrows about this map. First, there’s the question of why a card called Ragnarok that features Viking imagery in its artwork would require the use of Dark Magician cards. Second, of course, the astronomical cost of card activation. Banishing all monsters the user owns other than what they have on the field is utterly ridiculous, even for good effect. Back then, picking up banished cards was still not a common game mechanic, so all those monsters would have just disappeared. It’s a move the terrifying original manga incarnation of Yami Yugi would be proud of.

Ragnarok was designed to be a showpiece and nothing more. This created the admittedly cool image of Yami Marik’s winged dragon of Ra being swept away by Yugi’s Obelisk and Slifer, and that was it. Notably, the duel doesn’t even continue after that, as Marik’s good side regains control and immediately gives up on the duel. Ragnarok was created to end the Battle City arc, and that’s it.

Bizarre Yu-Gi-Oh Anime Cards – Bob Banter’s Game Show Changes How Duels Work

Bob Banter is a contender for the weirdest deck in all of Yu-Gi-Oh!

The unique character Bob Banter from Yu Gi Oh! GX played what might be the weirdest deck in the entire series. His game show completely changed the rules of dueling to a level not seen since Paradox Brothers’ version of Labyrinth Wall. There was no duelist like Bob before or since, not even in the weird and memorable Yu Gi Oh! ARC-Vand it’s hard to imagine what it would take to top off his game in terms of quirks.

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Bob’s deck relies almost entirely on summoning his Quiz Panel monsters, which were in a face-down defense position until attacked by a monster or activated by one of his other cards. Each panel contains either a question for the opponent to answer or a task for them to complete. If they succeed, Bob takes damage, but if they fail, they lose their attacking monster and take damage. From what is shown to the viewer, Bob’s deck really has no strategy other than using the quiz panels to eat away at the opponent’s life points. Considering that a few quiz panels have requirements like saying a tongue twister or holding your breath for a minute, that only makes it harder to imagine this archetype being printed. It’s a very quirky series, even featuring a Yu Gi Oh! dragonball equivalent, but Bob’s acting even extends the credibility of this series.

Bob’s deck is truly original and made for a memorable episode. However, it is impossible to imagine that his Quiz Panel cards will arrive Yu Gi Oh correct. Almost every card he uses requires an element outside of normal gameplay, and outside of the handshake in Yu-Jo Friendship, it’s just not something that Yu Gi Oh! Is.

the Yu Gi Oh! anime is entertaining, and anime-exclusive decks and cards played a part in that. However, it’s clear that certain cards in the anime are better left to be watched by fans than awkwardly forced into a real duel. The world of Yu Gi Oh! the anime is the only place these cards could or should exist.

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