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As a child living in Manchester, England, Dunrose learned magic by watching YouTube tutorials. But when it was time to post his own card trick, Rhodes bypassed most of the video sharing giants and took to Instagram and TikTok instead – the app gets the bad publicity and the audience it wants more. quickly. He believed it would.

British teens have been posting modestly on YouTube for years. Then, in early 2021, the service introduced YouTube Shorts. This is a new feature that introduces videos that are less than a minute long. Rhodes accepted it, and in two weeks his YouTube subscribers grew from 17,000 to over a million. The 17-year-old magician currently has 3.8 million subscribers and his videos have been viewed 3.2 billion times.

In the process, Rhodes embodied the instant success YouTube executives had in mind when creating their shorts. It’s a sudden fame that the site hasn’t consistently given promising creators over the past five years or so. Thanks to short films, everyone on YouTube quickly becomes someone again.

“This is the biggest opportunity for YouTube creators or aspiring YouTubers in the past five years,” said Eyal Baumel, who represents some of the top creators online. “I’ve been working on YouTube for eight years and haven’t seen anyone get excited about promoting new products.”

Shorts is the response of Byte Dance Ltd. YouTube to TikTok. The service is attracting young YouTube viewers, challenging its role as a major platform for aspiring amateurs, and boosting the imitation capabilities of major social media networks like Snapchat and Facebook’s Instagram. YouTube is still the king of web video, but its massive size can be intimidating for newbies, with many seeing TikTok as the fastest way to get famous.

YouTube, which is part of Alphabet Inc.’s Google, launched short films in fall 2020 in India, where TikTok is banned, and launched it globally in March. Users can access this feature from the prominent tabs of the YouTube mobile app and swipe up to browse an endless stream of video. So far, YouTube has kept Shorts in its core service, but we aim to release custom features that make it easier to edit and post videos.

Backed by a new $ 100 million fund later this summer, YouTube will begin paying creators of short films based on a new video engagement metric, a break from YouTube’s traditional advertising model. At some point, the company may start advertising in Shorts, but reward creators based on the ads that appear in the clips, like YouTube does with regular videos, according to people familiar with the matter. There’s no.

Todd Sherman, Product Manager for Shorts, said:

In a way, YouTube has gone back to its roots. Founded in 2005, the site began with a short viral clip. But over time, YouTube has changed its algorithm as it struggles to make money and is inundated with clunky click bait. In 2012, YouTube started prioritizing when a particular video attracted viewers. The longer it is, the better.

In the following years, the company urged creators to create longer materials with a higher production value in order to be more competitive with television, where most commercials were still spent. Eventually, most of the YouTube hits settled down somewhere in the 10-20 minute range, and YouTube has grown into a formidable business with $ 20 billion in ad revenue per year.

While YouTube focused on professionalizing the site, its competitors breathed new life into the abbreviated video genre. In particular, TikTok has created a new class of celebrity video producers who regularly distribute songs by word of mouth and have helped transform the service into the fastest growing social media app. Recently, TikTok has revamped its advertising business, adding a new frontier to competition with YouTube.

The early return of the shorts was impressive. The company reported daily views of 6.5 billion services in March, starting at 3.5 billion at the end of 2020. At this month’s general meeting of shareholders, Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai, is a business.

Canadian creator Thivi Baskar is one of many successful converts to short films. Before that, she published makeup tutorials mostly using TikTok. Although ubiquitous, this category hasn’t spawned many new stars on YouTube. According to management firm Collaboration, Basker, who has seen more than 500 million views of shorts and is currently ranked top of the beauty category in YouTube traffic, said he was “very saturated.” I go.

Due to the previously unknown proliferation of creators of short films, some talent reps are suggesting that YouTube is leaning in to support them. According to YouTube’s Sherman, the service’s algorithms are not biased towards new entrants. Instead, the nature of short-form videos allows YouTube to put a wide range of creators in front of viewers. Like TikTok, Shorts is designed to give you an endless boost on your mobile device.

“Once in that flow, you can keep sliding forever,” Sherman said.

New ranks for popular short film shows include mischievous, content and sexually stimulating click-bait producers that YouTube tried to fill long before it turned professional. It will be. In short, the creators are reusing unique materials from rival apps, and many videos have first appeared on TikTok.

For now, YouTube is allowing competitor clips to thrive on the shelves. However, if YouTube starts paying creators of short films later this year, the company may prioritize original content. “We haven’t come to a conclusion yet on this,” Sherman said.

The creators say it’s not always clear why some videos perform well on TikTok and YouTube. “It’s ridiculous and unpredictable to work well on these platforms,” said Rhodes, a teenage wizard.

Rhodes used to dive into YouTube every night and practice with maps when he was young. At the age of nine, he became a professional magician and performed in football matches. Even recently, he watched longer services on YouTube. But despite his role in the success, he tries to avoid spending a lot of time watching short films.

“I see a few here and there, like when I’m bored,” Rhodes said. “Watching for a long time drives me crazy for curls and spends hours scrolling through the app. “

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