Xur Exotic Armor, Weapon, and Recommendations for January 28


Vanguard Nightfalls and Ritual Activities were the big talking point this week for Destiny 2. Bungie announced major changes coming to the activity in a few weeks when Season 16 officially arrives. Modifiers are tweaked, the playlist gains all four Battleground activities, and even returning weapons were teased. All in all, these many changes to the Vanguard playlist should go a long way to making it look a bit fresher going forward.


The story remains a big question for fans leading up to the Witch Queen expansion. While Bungie will likely keep most, if not all, story elements a secret, fans had no trouble speculating what might happen. Everything from potential character deaths, Uldren Sov officially becoming a member of the Vanguard, to the role Savathun might have after the events of the expansion are discussed.

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Until there, Destiny 2 players can stop by and visit Exotic Merchant Xur, who has once again returned with new gear to purchase. As always, follow this guide for his most recent weekend location, news on his Exotic Cipher quest, plus a review of all the Exotic gear he’s brought for the weekend of January 28. 2022.

Where is Xur?

This weekend, players can find Xur in the Tower Hangar.

A guardian using the selfie emote with Xur

From the default landing zone, immediately head left and follow the path to the hangar. After entering the hangar, head left again past Arach Jalaal and his Dead Orbit crew and up a metal staircase. Xur stands on a metal platform at the back of this room overlooking the mountain ranges below.

Class Armor and Exotic Cipher

In Season of the Lost, Xur’s role has expanded as the Exotic Merchant has weekly quests, Exotic items, and Legendary gear. Not only are these quests needed to purchase a second Fatal Engram, but they’re also needed to acquire Legacy Exotic gear from the Tower Kiosk. Players can earn a new cipher by performing strikes and winning Crucible or Gambit matches. Earn bonus points by playing with clan members or completing more difficult activities.

With Season 15, Xur is now selling even more gear outside of his regular content. In addition to his normal Exotic gear, Xur now has Legendary weapons and armor to sell in exchange for Legendary Shards and Glimmer. Even better, the stat rolls are pretty solid on Black Armor gear for this week.

exotic armor

Karnstein Bracers – Warlock Gauntlets

This is a powerful Warlock Exotic item, which gives the player extra survivability through its Exotic perk. On a melee kill, Vampire’s Caress restores a large amount of health while continuing to restore health for a short duration afterward.

This is an item that all Warlocks should have as it is a very powerful item in PvE situations and activities like Gambit, Escalation Protocol or Blind Well where there are large groups of enemies to defeat. There are much better options for PvP players, but it’s a fun exotic game to play otherwise. The stat roll is pretty solid this week, still better than the Collections version.

Improved vacuum. Statistical values:

  • Mobility +13
  • Resilience +9
  • Recovery +11
  • Discipline +14
  • Intellect +2
  • Strength +14

Destiny 2 Shards of Galanor

Shards of Galanor – Hunter’s Gauntlets

Seemingly on sale every few months, Galanor’s Mid-Tree Gunslinger Exotic Fragments are once again available from Xur. Sharp Edges is the Exotic perk of these and it returns super energy for hits and kills with Blade Barrage once the super ends up to a certain point.

While not as effective as they once were, Fragments are still a viable option for Hunters like performing Blade Barrage and Way of a Thousand Cuts. It won’t make an entire super meter like it used to thanks to a recent Bungie Season 15 nerf, but it will still help players get back to it faster than normal. Although they are not what they once were, the turnover this week is quite solid. Worth a visit for that fact alone.

Improved Solar. Statistical values:

  • Mobility +13
  • Resilience +3
  • Recovery +16
  • Discipline +7
  • Intellect +14
  • Strength +12

Rampant Lion – Titan Leg Armor

Titans who need a bit of mobility and stability to do tricky jumps will want these rocket boots. Similar to the St0mp-EEZ for Hunters, Lion Rampant comes with the Jump Jets which provide extra maneuverability in the air and allow for accurate shooting while players are in the air while lifting. Basically, these boosts will help make Lift Titans jump twice as long.

Naturally, these boots are ideal for platform-based activities typically involved in dungeons, raids, or missions like Harbinger to name a few. Other than that, a player’s mileage will vary as it does not provide a significant combat boost like other Titan Exotics.

Improved bow. Statistical values:

  • Mobility +9
  • Resilience +13
  • Recovery +10
  • Discipline +2
  • Intellect +10
  • Strength +20

exotic weapon

Originally introduced in the Forsaken expansion, Bungie has gone ahead and made this item a pre-order bonus for those who pre-ordered Shadowkeep before launch. The Two-Tailed Fox is a rocket launcher that fires two elemental rockets, one vacuum and one solar. Even better, these rockets can pursue the same target. The Void Rocket also suppresses the target while the Solar deals damage over time.

destiny 2 exotic two tailed fox

While a fun weapon to use, Rocket Launchers just aren’t at the top of the heavy meta right now, especially for Crucible users who tend to stick with machine guns or grenade launchers. It certainly has its uses in certain game modes, but isn’t a required purchase this week.

Additional Benefits:

  • Confined launch
  • High speed towers
  • Stock composite

Here’s the full recap of Xur’s Exotic stock in Destiny 2 for January 21, 2022:

  • Karnstein Bracers (Warlock Gauntlets) – 23 Legendary Shards
  • Galanor Shards (Hunter Gauntlets) – 23 Legendary Shards
  • Lion Rampant (Titan leg armor) – 23 Legendary Shards
  • Two-Tailed Fox (Rocket Launcher) – 29 Legendary Shards
  • Exotic Engram – 97 Legendary Fragments / 1 Exotic Number
  • A Question – Exotic Cipher Quest

Xur appearing on Titan

Legendary Equipment

As mentioned earlier, Xur now sells legendary armor and weapons. All gear costs 50 Legendary Shards and 1000 Glimmer.

  • Night’s Watch (main scout rifle)
  • First in, last out (main shotgun)
  • Nature of the Beast (Energy Hand Cannon)
  • Seventh Seraph SI-2 (Energy Handgun)
  • Wishbringer (Energy Rifle)
  • The Third Axiom (Energy Pulse Rifle)
  • Drop Guillotine (Heavy Grenade Launcher)
  • Righteous Armor Set

Destiny 2 is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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