World famous blogger and magician Luca Gallone during his trip to Armenia and a new office he opens in Yerevan


By Syune Arakelyan

World famous magician, hypnotist and blogger Luca Gallone is now in Yerevan. Gallone has been in Armenia for about 3 months already and says he is thoroughly enjoying his time here. STYLE caught up with the blogger at a fashion event in Yerevan and, of course, we couldn’t miss the chance to speak with one of TikTok’s biggest stars according to the BBC (Luca counts nearly 10 million followers on ICT Tac and 1.7 million followers on instagram).

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Luca Gallone’s talent shot to a wider audience after his appearance on Britain’s Got Talent in 2016, where he wowed all 4 judges. After that he started the idea of ​​his online videos which are both entertaining and surprising. The magician was also noticed by the famous American television host and comedian, Ellen DeGeneres, receiving an invitation to appear on The Ellen Show.

Gallone is a huge travel lover, he has visited many countries so far, saying Armenia has a special place in his heart.

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Luca, nice to see you in Yerevan. Can you tell us about the purpose of your visit? It looks like you’ve been here long enough.

First of all, I am very much in love with Armenia. I have been to many countries, for example, last year I have been to about ten countries, and among these 10, Armenia was my favorite: people, culture, city of Yerevan, food , there is a particular energy about this country. It’s hard to describe in words, but you feel it when you come here. The reason I’m back now for my third visit (twice last year, once this year) is because we decided to open an office in Yerevan, and hired an Armenian team to work on the projects of my company. I think I was right in my feeling that Armenia would be a good place.

As you mentioned, your first visit to Armenia was a year ago and you also managed to come back for the second time in the same year. But, I wonder, how did you decide to choose Armenia as the place you wanted to see?

I was in Georgia, we were traveling during the summer to make videos, and I had 5 days of travel left before returning to Dubai. I thought, ‘Well, should I just go back to Dubai? Stay in Georgia, or maybe go to another country?’. And I actually heard a few good things about Armenia, I checked on the app, it was a 30 minute flight from Tbilisi to Yerevan, so I booked it. We came here and the moment we landed, the moment we got into town, we were amazed at how beautiful it was, how good the service was, and straight away I just loved it. The 5 days we spent here were an amazing experience, and I received so much love from the Armenian people, it was amazing. In fact, I saw so much that we even had a fan meeting at the Cascade center after 4 days. Now I have my office here, and even though I’m not here all the time (because obviously I have other commitments too, I have other things happening in different countries, travels), I think that Armenia would be rather a beautiful space where I can return. I have my team, my people, who I know now. I feel at home here.

Luca, a few days ago almost everyone in Armenia was talking and commenting on your last social experience in Yerevan when you dropped your wallet to find out how people would act, and everyone gave it back to you. How did you react to your experience?

Well, I think if it was my first time in Armenia, I would have been more nervous to experience this, but knowing Armenians, having been here 3 times, I had no doubt that people would be very nice and honest and would return the wallet. What was funny is that people from Armenia watched the video and said, “Wow, we have the nicest Armenian people”, and people from all over the world commented, “Wow, that doesn’t would never arrive in my city, or my country, it would have been stolen”, so it was quite interesting to see the contrast between the security of Armenia and what it is in other countries. So, the world also knows how safe Armenia is. I really like the social experiences, because they show the reality of how people are where you are. And in Armenia, I think it will show mostly positive things. And it’s also interesting to see how people react in different situations.

Well, how do you spend your time in Armenia? I see you travel a lot…

I still have to do more. I’ve been to Garni, I’ve been to Sevan, Jermuk, Lori and a few other places but I need to see more. I’m so busy here in Yerevan, but I have to manage to do more.

I noticed that you are always friendly with people and people also like to meet you on the street. Where are Yerevan fans most likely to meet you?

They’ll find me somewhere – Avenue du Nord, Cascade, Place de la République, Opéra, they don’t even have to find me, I’ll be somewhere (Laughs).

You travel a lot; what does it bring you and how does it help you as a magician?

The magician uses travel to explore different interests, meet new people and interesting concepts in different countries. And traveling allows you to open your mind and see other countries from a different perspective because you can compare yourself to each other. So, I was comparing Armenia with other countries and now I know that Armenia is a great combination of many things that I like.

And when you leave, what will you remember about Armenia?

I will take with me a lot of love, good memories. When I go, it will happen because I have other commitments, I lead a crazy life, but I found a place, which I really liked, so I will always come back.

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