Win tickets to see the magic unfold this weekend


Watch the IMPOSSIBLE with world renowned magician and illusionist, Brendon Peel at the iZulu Theater at Sibaya Casino from April 29th to May 1st.

Peel entered the world of magic at the age of 15, performing part-time on weekends and school holidays for patrons of the local Spur in Port Elizabeth and since then he has come a long way.

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He graced the stages of Britain’s Got Talent and even received a standing ovation on Romania’s Got Talent. Peel devoted the last 12 years of his life to changing people’s perception of reality in a humorous and entertaining way.

“The human mind is one of the most fascinating and powerful tools in existence. Yet, on occasion, we have the ability to trick our own minds and perceptions,” he said.

IMPOSSIBLE is a spectacle filled with delightful disappointments, fantastical illusions and mind-blowing mentalism that will leave you wondering if the impossible can be possible for a fleeting moment.

“Come see me weave my magic in an entertaining display of unique psychological experiments, classic magic tricks, and feats of true impossibility,” he added.

“This is an interactive and engaging show that is unique to anything you’ve seen before. It’s one that will definitely keep your brain spinning for a very long time,” Peel said.

The show takes place at 7:30 p.m. on April 29 and 30 and at 3:00 p.m. on May 1. Tickets are available from Ticketpro from R100.

the Northglen News and Brendon Peel are offering a set of double tickets for each of the three shows.

Complete the entry form below for a chance to win. The contest ends on Wednesday at noon.

Impossible April Contest

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