What’s new for developers in Windows 11


Windows 11 is there for anyone who wants to test the preview. Just make sure you have a supported machine, otherwise you won’t get far at all. If you are a developer, you should be very excited about Windows 11 because it offers even more possibilities.

At the recent Windows Developer Event, Microsoft highlighted a few things that we find interesting, and as such, we’ve decided to share them with you. According to the software giant, the company is focusing on five areas to improve the Windows 11 operating system, and they are as follows:

  • The new Microsoft Store;
  • End-to-end web development enhancements;
  • New features coming soon for native Windows applications;
  • The Fluent and WinUI design system; and
  • What’s new for game developers.

Windows 11 is a love letter to developers

When these critical improvements are combined, Windows 11 is likely to find a lot of love among users in the same way that people have fallen in love with Windows 7. Time will tell, but for now, let’s talk a bit about these five improvements. More details.

1]What’s new with the new Microsoft Store?

The new Microsoft Store for Windows 11 is a place to host apps designed for the upcoming operating system and apps designed for Google Android. This is made possible through a unique partnership with Amazon, the same company Microsoft competes with for the JEDI cloud contract through the Pentagon.

What does this mean for developers? According to the software giant, the new Store makes it easier for customers to find apps. Not only that, but users will have the option to install their favorite apps right from the web browser.

To make things even better, Microsoft aims to give app developers 100% of their profits. Video games, however, do not fall under this rule.

2]Enhanced native and web application development with better development tools

When it comes to building apps for Windows 11, there are a few options for developers to choose from. They can build apps using tools like PWABuilder3, WebView2, Microsoft Edge DevTools, Windows Terminal, etc.

In terms of integrating Windows 11 tools into your apps, you’ll need to take advantage of what Windows App SDK has to offer.

It doesn’t end there as Windows 11 will support ARM-based devices, and developers may want to build native apps to run on this version of the operating system. To do this, they must use the ABI compatible with ARM64 emulation.

3]New features to make native apps feel more comfortable

For those who are developing native applications for Windows 11, remember that you can use WinUI3 to make your applications feel at home. When used, the app uses rounded geometry, updated iconography, new typography, fun micro-interactions (such as Lottie animation), and updated color palette.

WinUI3 also shouldn’t have any issues enabling Snap support for all of your apps, so keep that info in the back of your head or write it down somewhere.

4]So what about video game development on Windows 11?

Since the launch of Xbox Series X, the public release of Xbox Game Pass, and the many studios Microsoft has acquired over the past two years; it is clear that the company is sticking to the sphere of games.

As a result, Microsoft has doubled its efforts by making its Game Development Kit (GDK) available for free to developers, or anyone for that matter. The GDK contains all the familiar tools needed to start or improve your career in game development as it relates to the Windows PC.

Not to mention, Microsoft has chosen to port its DirectStorage API from the console to Windows 11. If you want to take full advantage of what DirectStorage offers, you must first invest in one or more PCIe 3.0+ NVMe SSDs.

Also, your computer’s GPU must support DirectX 12, otherwise the API will not work 100%.


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