What do you want to know about the 2023 Can-Am Defender?

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I am currently in a quaint and quiet neighborhood Dahlonega, Georgia is waiting for my opportunity to get behind the wheel of Can-Am’s Defender line of side-by-sides. This hardcore work machine is built to a number of different specs for trail bashing, hunting, hauling, farming and really any hobby you can throw at it. It looks like a hard-working machine, but it can also be designed to go really fast. The high-end engine offered in the Defender has more power than some of my sports cars.

I confess that I am not well versed in off-roading in general, or side by side specifically. I’m not (anymore) a farmer, I’m not a hunter and I don’t do much mud. So what is a vehicle like this going to do for me? Well, I guess that’s what I’m here to find out. Could I use a machine like this around the farm? Would I like to drive it enough on trails to tow it to an ORV park? I can’t wait to find out, and maybe you are too.

Most of my off-road action has been on two wheels lately, but I can’t wait to kick up some dust and hopefully keep the shiny side of this damn thing going. I would really like to get out on the other side of this adventure without breaking any machinery or, worse, myself.

With engines available up to 82 horsepower and the ability to add fifth and sixth wheels, the Defender looks pretty much ready for anything. If that’s the kind of machine you’re looking for, this is your opportunity. Ask your questions in the comments below, and I’ll keep them in mind as I test it out tomorrow so I can answer them in my review. how much ham can a Can-Am if a Can-Am can maybe ham?


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