This Honda CT125 Hunter Cub from Custom Shop PLOT is ready for adventure


When Honda launched the next-generation CT125, the world was thrilled with Team Red’s rugged new runabout. The Hunter Cub proved to be an accessible option for those looking for a commuter-friendly two-wheeler that could go beyond the confines of paved roads. Across Japan and the rest of Asia, people have customized their Cubs to fit a variety of use cases.

The most popular seems to be turning the Cub into a pretty, adventure-ready machine. That’s exactly what Japan’s PLOT Custom Shop has done. At a glance, it’s clear that this little CT125 is more than willing to get off the beaten track and take you out into the countryside for a nice picnic, or even an overnight camping trip. Recently featured in a WeBike Japan story, PLOT outfitted the bike with tons of accessories, turning it into a tough little adventurer. After all, it’s called the “quiet adventure style,” and it certainly has the good backing it up. Let’s take a closer look, shall we?

For starters, the custom CT125 retains all of its original underpinnings, which means it will be very easy for others to replicate the build, should they want to kit out their Cubs for camping trips and excursions. PLOT’s build features a healthy mix of bling parts and functional loadout accessories. For starters, a sophisticated titanium exhaust system in the form of a FASARM M2 system was installed. Its burnt titanium finish is very elegant and gives the Honda Cub a nice touch of color.

Then a multitude of luggage was mounted on the bike. A side canister lets you carry extra fuel to extend the range of the bike. The box has mounting points for additional luggage to be mounted on the side. Mounting the container on the side means that the rack on the back remains empty. PLOT then used the rear rack to hold several pieces of luggage. To accommodate the increased load, thick reinforcement plates have been fitted, while the bags themselves are made from ballistic nylon providing waterproofing and abrasion resistance.

This Honda CT125 Hunter Cub from Custom Shop PLOT is ready for adventure
This Honda CT125 Hunter Cub from Custom Shop PLOT is ready for adventure

Finally, the PLOT build has been fitted with a GEL-ZAB C saddle. This easy-opening fold-up seat solves a problem that many Cub owners face, in that it only requires one hand to function. This allows the user to hold their luggage with one hand and tilt the seat with the other, unlike the stock configuration which requires two hands to open.


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