The most elegant and easy to install blackout curtains


while i write this in the midst of a heat wave, I feel extremely grateful for the blackout curtains which alone keep me cool – well, with my trusty tower fan. And if you too tend to sweat all day like me, it’s time to invest in a set of these curtains.

Blackout curtains are thicker than regular curtains and are made of a tightly woven fabric designed to block light from streaming through. They are often confused with room-darkening curtains, which are also thick and make your room much darker, but do not provide complete darkness like blackout curtains do. You will still see a subtle glow from the sun with room darkening curtains.

Both styles of curtains can be especially useful if you work night shifts, have infants or smaller children who have trouble napping, or have large windows that let in lots of heat and light from the room. unwanted sun. During the winter, these curtains also help reduce your energy bill (and heat the interior) as heat is often lost through the windows. As for the summer when the heat is blazing, these curtains can help keep the heat in outwhich reduces the need to increase the alternating current.

Below we’ve rounded up some of the most popular blackout and room darkening curtains you can buy online. They are available in a variety of colors, lengths and designs and are easy to install with their built-in grommet curtain rod style. All you have to do is slide your curtain rod through the grommets at the top.

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A pair of energy-saving blackout curtains

I’ve owned these curtains for almost three years and they still look as new as the day they arrived. I have a very large window that lets sunlight (and heat) into my bedroom and they are really lifesavers to help me sleep past 6am when the sun comes out. You also don’t have to worry about having trouble fitting them, as they feature a grommet top, which I found extremely easy to use with this tension rod. They come in a two-pack in multiple colors, including yellow, black, brown, silver, navy, and red. Lengths range from 45 inches to 95 inches.

Promising results:
“These thermal blackout curtains instantly block the heat of the sun, they are wonderful! Almost 100% blackout, but what little you can see is very discreet and they darken the room better than any blackout curtains I’ve tried before. The best I’ve found, and especially with the heat protection! Wowza!” —Julie

A pair of minimalist blackout curtains

For a no-frills solid color curtain set, add these to your cart. They are made of a thick and resistant fabric and are available in 15 colors, including blue, black, burgundy, light green and pink. You can sleep soundly (and longer) knowing they block 90-95% of sunlight and UV rays (darker colors block more). Lengths range from 63 inches to 96 inches.

Promising results:
“After many attempts to find a curtain that was truly blackout, I finally found these! Living in Florida, the intense sunlight can heat up the house quickly. These curtains not only block the sun, but also help to keep the heat from the sun.sun.I’ve had them for months now and the side facing the sun (or out) hasn’t even faded.(Very impressed.) They are indeed thick but they slip easily on the curtain rod. Would definitely recommend these for anyone looking for blackout curtains. They arrived quickly and were well packaged. — Merlina

A set of ombre blackout curtains

Curtains should not be boring and plain. This set of ombre curtains, for example, is anything but. Choose from multiple gradients including purple, yellow, coral, teal, black, light blue, orange, and brown. They also have a grommet top for easy installation and come in lengths of 63, 72, 84, and 96 inches, while widths range from 38 to 52 inches.

Promising results:
“I’m in love with these. They block out the heat from the sun perfectly, leaving my bedroom at the perfect temperature and blocking out all the sun in the morning. When I wake up with these closed, it still feels like my bedroom at night. These were worth every penny.—Nikki D.

A set of textured curtain panels

These curtains offer a subtle elegance to any room with their textured linen look. They even have an extra thermal insulated white lining on the back for better light blocking. Color options include Navy, Grey, Stone Blue, Taupe, and Sage. Lengths go up to 108 inches while widths go up to 62 inches.

Promising results: “I got these for my toddler’s room. We have the natural color quite light but it’s still very dark. She sleeps an hour or two later now. Couldn’t be happier with them. They look super expensive and they work. They came creased but with a quick steam they were perfect. Make sure you have a curtain rod for the blackout curtains so they can go right up to the wall. I also have mine to go from floor to ceiling which helps with the light coming in around the edges. Love them. Buy more. Get them!” -Victoria

A set of room-darkening multicolored floral panels

While many reviewers say these curtains don’t block out 100% of the light, they do do helps make your room darker which is great for people who are light sensitive or just want a few extra winks on bright mornings. The set comes in four white/floral styles: taupe, coral, turquoise, and yellow. They are 52 inches wide and come in several lengths, including 54, 63, 84, and 95 inches.

Promising results:
“I didn’t want totally blackout curtains for my living room, these do a great job of keeping the sun from heating up the room, my air conditioner doesn’t work as much and it keeps out the glare from the TV. Still dog friendly looking out the window. Well washed. — E. Johnson

An economical blackout curtain panel

This vibrant color blackout curtain panel features thermal insulation, noise reduction technology and energy efficient design. Built-in metal grommets make installation simple and easy. Panels are sold separately, so remember to get two. Color choices include pink, orange, white, purple, and blue. Lengths include 63, 84, and 96 inches, and width for all lengths is 40 inches.

Promising results: “I bought the grays for my daughters nursery. I put them above a huge window that faces east with lots of sunlight!! They work!!!! Perfectly dark for the day They look great! Highly recommend!!!” – Little

A pair of thermal insulated blackout curtains

With 39 color options including teal, burnt orange, burgundy, black, and olive green, you can decorate every room in your home with a pair of these curtains. They block up to 99% of sunlight, are made of thick, thermally insulated fabric, and feature a top grommet that’s easy to slide over your curtain rod. Lengths go up to 96 inches, while widths go up to 55 inches.

Promising results:
“I work at night and sleeping during the day is difficult when the light is shining in my window. These blackouts light up so well that sometimes I wake up and can’t tell if it’s night or day. They don’t wrinkle not easily either. They are constantly being opened and closed, but they always look immaculate.” -Aliza

A pair of wavy pattern blackout curtains

To add some sparkle to your decor, install this pair of curtains which comes in 17 colors like red, green, gray, yellow, taupe, blue and pink. They have a wavy leaf print, which makes them perfect for children’s rooms. They are also thermally insulated to keep the sweltering heat out. Widths vary from 42 to 52 inches and lengths from 45 to 120 inches.

Promising results:
“I needed a blackout curtain for my office because in the middle of the afternoon the sun is so bright that even with the shade down I couldn’t see my screen. I bought these curtains and they are perfect! They do what I wanted to accomplish, the quality is good and they are very attractive.” —Barbara Bailor

A pair of blackout curtains with shimmering tulle overlay

Sold in sets of two, this curtain features a unique decorative element. The tulle overlay that covers the solid color curtains displays star cutouts that sparkle when the light passes through. Color options include pink, orange, lavender, dark gray, sage, and dusty rose. They are 52 inches wide with lengths ranging from 63 to 96 inches.

Promising results: “These curtains are beautiful. I love them in my daughters bedroom. They block out an ample amount of light while still letting in some sparkling bits. The fabrics are heavy and soft. They are of high quality and I’m sure they will last a long time.” — S. Lebeouf

A Pair of Isolated Floral Curtain Panels

Style meets function with this pair of accent curtains. In addition to their eye-catching floral pattern, these curtains are insulated, block out light and have grommets at the top for easy installation. Color options include blue, coral, red, and yellow. They come in 84 and 95 inch lengths, each in a 38 inch width.

Promising results: “I’m so pleased with the quality of these curtains! They were exactly what I wanted for our bedroom. There were slight creases when they arrived, but 20 minutes in the dryer and they hung perfectly!” -Laura


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