The man with the sugar packet thing stuns the internet. Over 5 million views for the video


A man has stunned the internet with his magic trick.

A man’s “magic trick” with a packet of sugar left viewers completely baffled. Footage that has gone massively viral online shows the man standing in front of what appears to be a petrol pump. He tears open the sachet and pours the sugar into his left hand, which has been clenched into a fist. Holding the empty sachet in his mouth, he throws the sugar into the air. Then, in a move that has intrigued millions, the man appears to “catch” the sugar in his right hand. The video shows him putting the sugar back in the bag to complete his trick.

According to ladbible, the video was first shared on TikTok by user @jadon.ray, where it exploded with over 6.5 million views. On Twitter, the video has been viewed 5.4 million times. Watch it below and see if you can figure out the trick that lost millions:

Many viewers expressed confusion over the magic trick, while others claimed to have cracked the mystery.

“The only thing I can think of is someone off camera handing him something,” one person wrote in the comments section.

“I’m married to a professional magician and I have to say that’s exceptional. Wow,” said another.

The general consensus, however, was that the man was aided in his trick by a fake thumb in which he hid sugar.

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