The largest replica of Christ the Redeemer and 9 other copies of famous monuments


As tourists, we always tend to take home a souvenir, like an Eiffel Tower key ring. But some people have fallen in love with what they’ve seen on exotic vacations, so much so that they’ve ended up building entire replicas of the monuments.


Now, you can find some of the replicas of the world-famous monuments in different parts of the world, miles away from their place of origin.

Here are 10 little known but wonder bar replicas of monuments:

Before we begin our list, it’s worth noting that China and Las Vegas in the United States are home to perhaps the most replica landmarks.


One of the Seven Wonders of the World, this iconic Jesus Christ structure that stands proudly in Rio De Janerio, Brazil, has been replicated several times, with slightly different names. There is even one in Brazil itself, which rivals the height of the original one. In the small town of Encantado, the statue of Christ the Protector is taller than the original one in Rio. It also has a heart-shaped observation point for tourists.

This is not the only replica. In Lisbon, Portugal, stands Christ the King. It is a 25 meter high statue with outstretched hands. Another replica of Christ the King is found in the African nation of Angola.


The symbol of love that stands in the middle of the French capital, Paris, is not only reproduced on the beautiful key chains or as phone cases, but also as a monument itself. One of the most striking replicas appeared in Durango, Mexico called Torre Eiffel. The Torre Eiffel is only 1/6th of the original monument, but still beautiful.

Another impressive replica exists in Shenzhen, China at the Window of the World theme park. It stands 103 meters tall, smaller than the original, but stands amidst a sea of ​​other replicas of iconic landmarks around the world.


The Leaning Tower of Pisa can make people nervous and trigger OCD in some because of its tilt. The curious monument which took nearly 340 years to complete and which continues to baffle people, finds its replica in Illinois, USA. The replica is called the Leaning Tower of Niles, which was built in 1934, with the trademark tilt. It was built as part of an amusement park to hide water tanks.


Cinema has long symbolized the United States with the Statue of Liberty erected in New York. And the iconic American structure has many replicas around the world, from Norway to Japan. There is also a replica of the statue in the US state of Alabama.

The Statue of Liberty was actually a gift from France to the United States in the 1880s. Today there is a replica of the statue in France itself which was erected to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the death of Liberty. architect of the original statue, Frederick Auguste Bartholdi. It is located in Colmar, the architect’s birthplace.

There is also a replica of the Statue of Liberty in Tokyo, Japan.


The Taj Mahal is also one of the wonders of the world, so it’s no surprise that it has been replicated. The Monument of Eternal Love continues to inspire people around the world centuries later. One of the most famous replicas of the Taj Mahal exists in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Bangladeshi filmmaker Ahsan Ullah Moni built the replica to serve as a tourist attraction for people who could not visit the original location in person.


One of London’s most striking structures is the Big Ben. It has been replicated in several places, but one of the most famous exists in Kolkata, West Bengal. The Kolkata replica of Big Ben is smaller than the original, but nonetheless, it still draws crowds. When it was first erected, people mistook it for a temporary Durga Puja pandal.


The Parthenon is no longer just a beauty in Athens, Greece. It was replicated in Tennesse, USA in 1897. It now operates as an art museum.


The Colosseum in Rome, Italy is one of the Seven Wonders of the World. It continues to wear the badge of the largest amphitheater ever built even today. There are smaller replicas of the structure in Las Vegas, USA and Macau, China.


King Tut’s tomb is a story, a legend of history and mystery. It is said that anyone who tries to get too close to the original tomb risks being cursed. However, the curse was unable to dampen people’s interest in the structure. The original tomb of King Tut is located in the Valley of the Kings in Egypt, but near the original site is also the replica. Of course, there is no mom.

Then there is also a replica of the tomb in Las Vegas.


The original Great Sphinx of Giza is located in Egypt, but its replica exists in the Chinese province of Hebei. However, Egypt was never thrilled with the life-size replica. Previously, he was withdrawn at Egypt’s request, but China brought him back after two years in 2018, much to Cairo’s anger.


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