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While every news outlet, every talk show, every…everything is 100% focused on the war in Ukraine, the very big story of the past week has barely been covered. And at the end of the day, unless Russia decides to drop nukes on American cities, the story almost everyone ignores should be a million times more important to Americans than events in Eastern Europe. ‘Is.

Jim Cegielski

The story I am talking about has already changed the course of American history. It has tampered with a presidential election and can most likely lead us into a depression. It also leads to a socialist takeover of the country. This is probably why there is a war in Ukraine right now. And that proves beyond any doubt that the American people are under attack, and that the attack is coming from within our own government.

Last week, buried in the pages of the New York Times, there was an admission that the Hunter Biden laptop story which contains evidence that Hunter Biden and the current President of the United States sold out this country to agents get this – UKRAINE, RUSSIA and CHINA – is true and accurate.

Yes, six months after the New York Post ran the story, the New York Times has finally decided that this little truth is “print-worthy” news. Why did it take six months for the New York Times to sneakily let its readers know that the laptop story is true? It was easily verifiable at the time the New York Post ran the story. However, one month before the presidential election, the New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, NBC, USA Today and all major outlets outside of Fox News called the New York Post story “Russian disinformation.” They did it so they wouldn’t have to talk about the corruption of then-candidate Joe Biden and the fact that his presidency would be compromised. And make no mistake, Biden is compromised. Russia, China and Ukraine caught Biden with his pants down and bent over a barrel of oil.

Propaganda media have branded the biggest political scandal in American history as “Russian disinformation” to alter the course of American history and unseat Donald Trump. And it worked.

But what should really scare all Americans and make you start questioning everything you’ve ever thought about your own government and your allegiance to it is that 51 high-ranking “Intelligence” agents – including former CIA chief John Brennan and Director of US National Intelligence James Clapper – lied to the American people in order to change the outcome of a presidential election in the United States of America. Fifty-one high-ranking intelligence officers signed a letter claiming the Hunter Biden laptop story was a lie when they knew full well it was not. These are the same people who worked with the Clinton campaign to come up with the bogus story of “Russian collusion” in an effort to have President Donald Trump impeached, removed from office and imprisoned. It’s treason, but they won’t have to pay the price for their treason because it’s the same people who control our government.

On the one hand you have Deep State operatives in government working with the media to feed Americans a completely false story to bring down a sitting president, while at the same time those same operatives of the government were working with the media to cover up a completely false story. true story to protect a corrupt and despicable candidate with, ultimately, the same goal of bringing down Donald Trump.

I don’t care how much you hate Donald Trump, if that doesn’t make you sick and question everything you thought you knew about our government, then you’re either completely stupid or an enemy of government yourself. ‘State. This means that we no longer live in a democratic country. We no longer have free and fair elections. We are no longer a nation controlled by free citizens. We are no longer the United States of America. We are the new Soviet Union.

This, my friends, is the biggest story since the Civil War, and even now — even after The New York Times slipped into its pages that the Hunter Biden laptop story is true — it’s still being ignored. No one but a few Fox News pundits is even talking about it, as everyone remains focused on Ukraine.

And that’s exactly why The New York Times decided the time was right to let it quietly slip from its pages that the Hunter Biden laptop story is true. They know people are concerned about the war in Ukraine. They know that people’s attention is being diverted and that Fox will not spend countless hours talking about the great hoax and injustice that has been perpetrated against the American people.

What happened to the country is tragic. We have been taken over by authoritarian government agents – both Republicans and Democrats – who, through complicit media and social media, control everything that is said to us. And appallingly, most of what we are told is wrong. It’s propaganda. No different from what the Chinese or the Russians get out of their state media. Wait, no, it’s actually worse than Chinese and Russian state media. Would the Chinese or the Russians allow any social media to block a sitting president like what happened to President Trump? Of course not.

Fake “Russian collusion” stories are allowed. True Hunter Biden laptop stories are not allowed. Exaggerating the Capitol breach on January 6 as an “insurgency” and a “threat to democracy” is permitted and encouraged. Calling Black Lives Matter and Antifa riots, looting and violence anything other than a “peaceful protest” is not allowed. Treating Dr. Fauci as an all-knowing deity is applauded. Telling the truth about the ineffectiveness of lockdowns and masks is not allowed. To disparage Trump as a racist without any evidence of it is not only allowed but acclaimed. Biden’s long list of actual racist statements is ignored. Describing Trump supporters as “white supremacists” is defended by the media. Describing Black Lives Matter leaders who chant “death to the cops” as terrorists is absolutely forbidden. Securing the Ukrainian border is an approved talking point for the media, while securing our own border is totally off limits. And I could go on and on.

Right now, our government and the propaganda media want us to believe that Vladmir Putin is our number one enemy. Focus on Putin to forget about record gas prices, runaway inflation, terrorists and drug traffickers streaming through our southern border, Hunter’s laptop and Joe’s corruption. But Putin is not our number one enemy. He’s not even a close second. Our number one enemy is the government/media propaganda machine that stole this country from We the People.

We the People had better wake up and start fighting back, for soon there will be no reason to fight.

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