The best mummies in video games


One of the greatest monsters of all time is the Mummy. Introduced into Western culture in the 1800s, mummies were originally primarily female and served as love interests. However, that all changed in 1932 when Boris Karloff took on his iconic role in Universal’s The Mummy.

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These days, mummies have all but disappeared from popular culture since the bombing of the 2017 Tom Cruise movie. However, these shrouded undead have continued to appear in tabletop games and video games. So let’s take a look at the video game mummies that rose above everything else.


11/11 The Immortals – Jet Set Radio Future

The Immortals are a rival gang to the main character of Jet Set Radio Future. They are wrapped in bandages, with only their left eye visible. On top of that, they wear brown fedoras, beige shorts, and gold jewelry.

The only reason these stylish dudes aren’t higher on the list is because, well, they’re not really mummies. It’s a bunch of guys dressed like mummies. Immortals therefore enter this list as an honorable mention.

10/11 Lucky – Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing is filled with a variety of villagers ranging from the mundane to the fantastical, and one of the cutest is Lucky: a dog completely wrapped in bandages. However, he is considered lucky because, despite all this damage, he is still standing! Even his initial phrase when you greet him is “rrrrr-owch”.

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Although it may seem like an injury-prone dog, there are plenty of clues that Lucky could just be a mummy dog. His home in Wild World is Egyptian-themed and while that theme didn’t continue in New Horizons, it still feels like a graveyard. So who can say that Lucky is anything other than a dog mom?

For a mummies roster, there is a major lack of generic enemies. They’re usually not that memorable. However, Metal Slug mummies are different. They are unique in that they don’t actually kill the player, but instead choose to turn them into mummies as well.

It completely changes your gameplay, making the character slower and facing delays when firing or throwing a grenade, which is dangerous for one of the best run-n’-gun series of all. time. Besides that, there are a few different shapes, including dog mummies! Maybe that’s where Lucky comes from…

8/11 Chuck D. Head – Decap Attack

Decap Attack is another oft-forgotten mascot platformer from the early 90s. However, instead of going cute or cool, the folks at Vic Tokai decided to go macabre and introduced the world to Chuck D.Head.

Chuck was created by Dr. Frank N. Stein in order to fight Max D. Cap. It is a mummy that has its head in its chest rather than on its neck. To attack, he pulls his face out of his chest or can grab a skull which he throws from his shoulders. This game is actually a lot of fun, so if you have a Sega Genesis or a Genesis collectible disc, give this one a try!

7/11 Kiya – MediEvil 2

Our macabre theme continues with the MediEvil series. While Sir Daniel Fortisque is best known for his first game, the sequel is surprisingly just as good. Besides that, you meet many awesome characters like Professor Hamilton Kift and Princess Kiya.

Princess Kiya was the 91st wife of Ramses II and was buried with him when he died. Over 3,000 years later, she was freed from her grave by Sir Dan and used her embalming skills to help build Dankenstein with the Professor.

6/11 Death – Chibi-Robo! Connect to adventure!

Chibi-Robo! Connect to adventure! is all about the titular Chibi-Robo helping the Sanderson House toys. One of these toys is a mummy named Mort. He lives in a shoebox under Jenny Sanderson’s bed and is in love with Princess Pitts.

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There is a problem, however. Like most people, Princess Pitts is terrified of Mort’s appearance. On top of that, whenever he tries to pick flowers to gift her, they die instantly. It’s actually very sad, but it’s that sadness that ultimately makes his success so much more satisfying.

5/11 Tutankhamun – Sphinx and the cursed mummy

Sphinx And The Cursed Mummy is an underrated action-adventure game from the sixth generation of consoles. Set in Egypt, the story follows two characters as they attempt to save the world from the evil god Set. These heroes are the recently mummified demigod Sphinx and Tutankhamun. Yes, this Tutankhamun.

Where most mummies are creepy or attractive, King Tut is clumsy with his lanky limbs and expressive face. Instead of engaging in fights like Sphinx, Tutankhamun is all about sneaking around and solving puzzles. It’s great fun and well worth checking out if you’re a fan of duo classics like Jak And Daxter and Ratchet And Clank.

4/11 Master Mummy – ARMS

When a game is all about stretching your arms as far as they can go, you know a mummy is going to pop up. And in ARMS, this mummy is called Master Mummy. Resuscitated by Dr. Coyle, Master Mummy has amnesia and knows only that he wants to find his wife and son.

In battle, Master Mummy is a beast. Known as “The Grim Creeper”, he has the strongest hold in the game, dealing 200 damage. On top of that, his block creates super armor and makes sure he doesn’t flinch. Master Mummy is a tank and can easily destroy any opponent he corners.

3/11 Anakaris – Stalkers of Darkness

Darkstalkers is a cult fighting game from Capcom set in a gothic horror universe where each fighter is a different monster. You will face vampires, succubus, werewolves and, of course, a mummy. This mummy is Anakaris, a great pharaoh resurrected 5,000 years later. Despite this, his only goal is to protect his kingdom. This means that he often goes back and forth between ancient Egypt and modern times.

Anakaris is massive and uses his bandages while turning his opponents into smaller versions of themselves. It also has one of the best victory quotes of all time: “You are not worthy to cleanse my grave!” Anakarais is a unique character that deserves to be added to Capcom’s list of amazing fighting game warriors.

2/11 Kan-Ra – Killer Instinct (2013)

The final member of our trio of battling mummies, Kan-Ra was an evil Babylonian wizard who was cursed to wander the world as a rotting corpse after failing to assassinate its king. But that hasn’t stopped his quest for ultimate power, having summoned two shadow lords since then.

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In battle, Kan-Ra works with all mummy stereotypes: whipping with bandages, manipulating sand with magic, and summoning various insects. Kan-Ra is terrifying and easily the most sinister mummy on this list.

1/11 Amumu – League of Legends

Kan-Ra may be sinister, but there’s really no such thing as an adorable, tragic figure – and no character in any game is as cute or as sad as Amumu from League Of Legends. . Although there are a few different stories regarding his origin, one thing remains true: he is doomed to roam the Earth in search of a friend, even though his touch will kill someone instantly.

It’s easily one of the most depressing things you’ll see in a game, especially when it happens to someone who looks as cute as Amumu. Even the official art is sad, showing Amumu alone at the ball, using a swing himself, and even standing in front of a house watching his own surprise party. There may be scarier and stronger mummies out there, but none of them will make you feel like Amumu.

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