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Some hotels are intended to accommodate solo travelers. Others offer fabulous food and entertainment. Still others are meant to be haunted and perfect for a spooky weekend. But there is a new trend in hospitality, and it aims to help fight the global epidemic of insomnia (up to 30% of people are estimated to suffer from insomnia).

If you’re one of those tired-eyed travelers, you might want to consider taking one of these “sleep-cations”. With special meditation classes and spa treatments, customizable pillows and mattresses, and interesting in-room additions (noise-canceling sleep bands, do you like it?), These properties offer rest as the ultimate in comfort. Dreams of suites!

Hotel Figueroa, Los Angeles

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Located in trendy downtown LA, the Rest & Recovery Suite at the Figueroa Hotel is a haven of Zen. A week before your arrival, purchase a personalized pillow from Pluto Pillow based on your weight, firmness preferences and sleeping position. Once you’ve checked in, you’ll sleep on a mattress fitted with a high-tech Eight Sleep Pod Pro cover, which regulates nighttime temperatures with built-in sensors that track sleep quality through your smartphone and help you wake up. with a vibrating alarm. In the morning, recharge with an in-room workout and balancing powder (probiotics, electrolytes) or restorative (collagen, amino acids) supplements from wellness brand Beam.

Hotel X, Toronto

hotel room x toronto


“Escape to Serenity” – sounds appealing, doesn’t it? This is the program offered by the Library Hotel Collection, which has offices in New York and Budapest in addition to Toronto. Sleep deprived guests get all the comforts you could want at home, and more. You can request hypoallergenic or memory foam pillows, special mattress toppers to adjust firmness, special sleep masks and SleepPhone bands that block noise and play soothing music. And because exercise plays an essential role in the quality of sleep, some suites are equipped with home gym equipment like
spinning bikes, treadmills and free weights.

MGM Grand, Las Vegas

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Getting 40 winks isn’t a gamble when you book one of the luxurious Stay Well rooms at this resort hotel. After playing the slots or watching a show, retreat to your personal oasis equipped with memory foam mattresses, an aromatherapy diffuser to help create a calm environment, a special dimmer that mimics our natural circadian rhythm, an air purifying system, and a dawn simulator that lights up bathroom vanity (the mirror gently and gradually bathes you in an anti-melatonin light to help you get up and get up). This is the ultimate sanctuary on the Strip.

Le Benjamin, New York

the youngest hotel

The youngest

This elegant property’s Rest & Renew program was developed by Cornell Professor of Sleep Medicine Rebecca Robbins, PhD. It includes 10-minute on-demand guided meditations on in-room phones, a menu of 10 specialty pillows to choose from (everything from five-foot body cushions to an anti-snore chin-elevation option for sleepers on the floor). back), and an on-call team trained by Robbins on the fundamentals of sleep medicine to offer personalized advice (take a hot bath, try this relaxation technique) to achieve better zs. For the children in your group, the Winks’ Kidzzz Club helps educate children aged 2 to 10 on the importance of sleep, with books to fall asleep, a child-sized bathrobe and pillow, and a stuffed owl. delivered to your room free of charge. extra charge.

The Ritz-Carlton Golf Resort, Naples, Florida

the ritz carlton golf resort, naples

The Ritz-Carlton Golf Resort, Naples

This luxurious getaway believes that one of the ways to fall asleep is through skin care. That’s why the resort recently partnered with sleep wellness brand Longeva to offer the company’s serum, moisturizer and bath products infused with a proprietary blend of relaxing aromas (bergamot, neroli, helichrysum) and plants that promote sleep (kava kava, valerian root, St. John’s wort) in the honor bar in each room and as part of Dreamland, a massage available at the establishment’s spa. At the end of a day spent golfing or by the pool, a DreamTV channel lulls to sleep-promoting programming (sea views and beautiful landscapes with music with tempos that resonate with the brain waves associated with sleep) and ritual night preparation gifts and complimentary products are provided in each room.

The Costa Rica retreat

retirement costa rica

The Costa Rica retreat

Can you imagine a more ideal location for a relaxing getaway than the rainforests of Central America? Treat yourself to this resort’s five-night Art of Resting Package, where you’ll enjoy one-on-one access to The Retreat’s Ayurvedic Doctor, who will offer personalized suggestions on how to improve the quality of sleep (eating too heavily) or strapped to your devices before bedtime?). Part of The Retreat’s approach is to eat anti-inflammatory meals that won’t stress the digestive system so you can fall asleep easily. Also on the program: deep breathing exercises, a soundproofing session and an hour-long aromatherapy treatment. You will also receive a gift kit with a sleep mask, comfortable socks, a relaxing lavender essence, as well as a gourmet tea tasting with herbal blends that promote relaxation.

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