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Nintendo is doomed to fail … wait

It doesn’t surprise me at all that Super Mario Odyssey is a success. Nintendo always has a good time on its hands with any Mario game, even those on Wii U. No, what’s really great is that 33% of all Switch owners now own Mario’s globe-trotting adventure. Nintendo announced the numbers at its six-month financial results conference, which is chock-full of boring information about digital convergence and tax plans. It’s enough to fall asleep.

To be completely realistic, Nintendo hasn’t actually confirmed two million sales, but it estimates that Mario roughly evolved around that amount. The plan is to build on the momentum of the holiday season and see the game “as an evergreen title that has longevity in the market beyond the holiday season.”

Anyway, it’s amazing to see this Mario still has that kind of selling power after over 30 years. I know I’ve been in love with the character my whole life and I’m sure there are plenty of other people out there with a similar story. Hopefully, this massive push isn’t just limited to this weekend.

Semi-annual briefing on financial results for the year ending March 2018 [Nintendo JP]

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