Sunbreak is hiding a sweet secret


Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, the latest expansion for the action RPG on Switch and PC, has been out for a little while now and it’s pretty rock solid. Along with new features such as the ability to swap certain skills mid-battle, we have an awesome new hub world with a slew of new NPCs from adorable little princesses, weird sailor men, and a woman who is violently obsessed with pretzels despite the fact that YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO HAVE ANY. [Seriously, Capcom, as a German, this offended me so much. Fix it.]

In fact, the deeper you dig into the world of hubs, the more stuff you find. From the little train piloted by Palico that moves things around the city. The Cohoot then hid on top of the ark full of items. The strange Gothic evening that seems to come out of a Castlevania game. And much more. But the coolest visual in the new hub world is the one you can’t even access and I want to share it with you because I want to know all about it.

So the first thing you’re going to want to do is find that house and then use the camera to look out the window like an absolute creep since you’re not allowed in that place because someone at Capcom is a monster (hunter). I will guide you here. It’s the top floor of the two-story house to the right of the dango hut.

What’s going on in there? What does the person do with the monster horn in this machine with electricity? What’s that green slime coming out of the other machine on the right? What is their adorable helper Palico looking for? Oh, and speaking of the Palico, watch what happens when you’re on the roof and look out the little window.

This unnamed Palico has his own little room where he collects art or maybe even paints.

Seriously. Who are these two? Why do these two completely unreferenced and nameless NPCs have their own place with remarkably well-detailed machinery? How can we get so much detail about how these characters live their lives when all the other NPCs never give us that kind of detail. Hell, I dare you to tell me where any NPC lives so far. Betcha can’t.

But, long story short, I love this duo and really hope we can find out all about them in the future.


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