Steve Rogers gets a vampire hunting costume overhaul


An elderly, bearded Captain America makes an appearance in the dystopian future of Dark Ages # 2 with a new costume tailored for hunting vampires.

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Dark Ages # 2, on sale now.

Dark times # 2 shows a grizzled Captain America who is more than willing to chop a vampire into pieces.

Steve Rogers makes a mid-term appearance Dark times # 2 by om Taylor, Iban Coello, Brian Reber and Joe Sabino of VC, meeting Tony Stark and Pepper Potts in the couple’s cave lab. Dressed in a hooded poncho and sporting a beard, this version of America’s best super soldier wears a tactical outfit with plenty of pouches and straps, somewhat resembling the portrayal of actor Chris Evans in Avengers: Infinity War.

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The costume of the vampire hunter of Captain America in Dark Ages # 2

The Dark times Captain America’s version, however, differs from other interpretations by immediately sending a vampire out with his shield, severing his head cleanly. In an informal conversation with Tony and Pepper, Cap says he’s spent time in Europe, which is “still ruled by an iron fist,” and leads Iron Man outside for a personal one-on-one chat. head. At the last moment, Cap reveals he’s allied with Apocalypse and ambushes Tony with a shield hit to the face, before revealing that he’s actually not Steve Rogers at all – but rather the Mystic mutant who changes shape.

Dark times #2 continues the post-apocalyptic story of number 1, seven years after an electromagnetic pulse wiped out all electricity on Earth. The first issue saw Marvel’s heroes team up to fight the Unmaker, a sentient machine trapped underground that has violently attempted to break free. After vaporizing people like Scarlet Witch and the Thing, the Unmaker was finally stopped by Doctor Strange, who opened a portal to a realm without electricity in his dying moments. The portal remained open after Strange’s death, turning off lights across the world and disrupting most technology, including the Iron Man suit, which was taken out of service in a crash that left Tony legless.

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Thanks to the darkness that invades the globe as a result of the electromagnetic pulse, vampires and werewolves have risen to haunt nature. During this time, humanity slowly progressed and regrouped in walled cities, each connected to the other via powerful telepaths like the Charles Xavier of the X-Men.

The real Captain America was last seen in Dark times # 1 alongside Wolverine and Honey Badger, helping civilians who have been trapped in the destruction caused by Unmaker’s Fury. There is currently no indication of Steve Rogers’ true whereabouts in the unpredictable new future of Dark times, which is classified as occurring on Earth-TRN891.

Dark times # 2 is on sale now at Marvel Comics.

DARK AGES # 2 (OF 6)

  • It’s been years since the age of technology ended in a flash, as if a switch had been turned off for an entire planet. Now the heroes of Earth are trying to bring humanity together in darkness. X-Men and Avengers, vigilantes and villains are all working together to create something better. But something darker than night descends on the world. Our post-apocalyptic world is about to face the Apocalypse.
  • 32 PGS./Class T +… $ 3.99

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