Square Enix releases Length of NEO: The World Ends With You


Neo: The world ends with you was a title that went under the radar for the Nintendo Switch. The title is released on July 27 and is eclipsed, particularly on the same day as The Chronicles of the Grand As prosecutor and 11 days after Skyward Sword HD. That being said, this is still a highly anticipated RPG coming out for Nintendo’s hit console and will do the trick very well. During an interview with 4Gamer, Series Director Tatsuya Kando and Game Director Hiroyuki Ito sat down and talked a bit about the game and posted the duration of NEO: The world ends with you.

It is : There is a lot more to do in this game, especially compared to the original game. I think reaching the end on its own will take about 50 hours.

Kando: If you’re the type to do all that a game has to offer, expect your hours to hit triple digits. There’s a lot to collect in the game, from character profiles to pins, with some tough fights as well. Passing certain milestones in the game allows players to receive graffiti stickers, with which you can decorate the alleys of Udagawa.

50 hours is a lot! On top of that, 150 hours for pure completion is insane, but great news for die-hard RPG fans. We are certainly excited about Neo, and it’s still another Top notch RPG coming to Nintendo Switch. Expect it to fall on July 27.

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