Social media users share cutest shot of transported puppies


As much as everyone loves to see a cute dog on their long haul, there is one thing that far surpasses them – and that’s an adorable dog in a bag.

People around the world shared the cutest puppies they’ve seen in their day, with the best collected in a gallery by Bored Panda.

One photo shows a dog much too big to carry, with its legs sticking out of the bottom of an IKEA bag, while another lies in a tote bag and appears to have been ‘knocked over’.

Elsewhere, a little Cavalier King Charles could be seen hanging happily in a washroom bag.

Here, FEMAIL reveals some of the most pampered dogs transported by their humans.

People around the world have shared the cutest puppies they’ve seen in their day, with the best collected in a gallery by Bored Panda (pictured)

Oh hi you! This little Golden Retriever puppy was taking up too much space in its owner’s tote bag

Feeling silly! Small French Bulldog puppy was left panting as it poked its head out of a bag as it took the New York subway

This American Bichon Frize was the perfect distraction for anyone in line for the ATM (pictured)

I would like to come and get you! US owner found clever way to transport his wild-looking husky after punching holes in an Ikea bag

Meanwhile, another New York pet owner found himself with his rather fluffy dog ​​in a huge tote bag on the subway.

Adorable! New York City puppy was way too small to consider putting his fresh paws on the dirty streets

A distinguished gentleman! This tiny Cavalier King Charles Spaniel was hanged to stand guard while his owner goes to the bathroom

A person on the London Underground took their adorable dog in a bag before lowering their head for a nap

Blink your eyes and you will miss it! An American shared a snap of their hilarious dog sticking his nose out of his tote bag

To make friends! Dog owner in unknown location left with two pooches in sacks as he took the train

Catch 40 winks! This London puppy couldn’t help but take a nap on the floor of an underground station

Who Said You Can Get Too Big To Carry? This dog in the United States seemed too big for his owner’s backpack

What a helpful friend! This New York bitch understood her duty to carry the all-important bubble tea when she was a passenger on a motorcycle

Take a walk! Another cute dog could be seen in the cart in Whole Foods vegetable aisle

I need a coffee, stat! This adorable doggie, in an unfamiliar location, seemed too exhausted to wander around the cafe


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