Skip Bayless ruthlessly blamed Aaron Rodgers for the departure of Davante Adams


The arms race in the AFC West has been wild this offseason, and the Las Vegas Raiders are the latest team to step in. divisional enemies. Of course, all eyes quickly turned to Aaron Rodgers once the trade was complete, as most people weren’t expecting him to return to Green Bay if Adams wasn’t there either.

According to Skip Bayless, Rodgers is responsible for sending Adams to Las Vegas.

Skip Bayless blames Aaron Rodgers for Davante Adams departure

There is still a lot of confusion about how this Adams trade came to fruition. Some outlets are reporting that the Packers were unwilling to match the Raiders’ contract offer to Adams. Others report that both teams were offering similar money, but Adams was simply looking for a fresh start this offseason.

Well, popular media pundit Skip Bayless has his own theory as to why Adams made his way out of Green Bay. According to Bayless, Adams had simply “had enough” of Rodgers.

Bayless is a hot take machine when it comes to. NFL. However, for the sake of argument, it is worth fleshing out this idea and seeing if there is any truth to said logic.

Davante Adams might believe the Raiders give him a better chance of winning

Davante Adams #17 and Aaron Rodgers #12 | Stacy Revere/Getty Images

Common sense suggests that Adams’ best shot at winning a Super Bowl in 2022 would be with the Green Bay Packers. They’ve been a constant playoff threat for the past few seasons, and his on-court relationship with Rodgers is one of the best in the NFL.

That said, Rodgers isn’t exactly known for his playoff success.

The reigning MVP is arguably the best regular season player in football history. However, he only attended one Super Bowl, and that was in 2010, over a decade ago.

It’s quite possible that Adams just didn’t like the Packers’ chances of a fight in 2022, especially with Tom Brady returning to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The AFC is an elite quarterbacks glove right now. However, the Raiders have a strong base in Derek Carr, Adams, Hunter Renfroe, Darren Waller and Chandler Jones.

Aaron Rodgers’ greed likely cost him his WR star

Possible reasons aside, it was, in all honesty, Aaron Rodgers’ greed that likely cost him his superstar receiver this offseason. The salary cap is basically a myth in the NFL these days. However, owners have a limit on how much they are willing to spend on their listing.

With Rodgers becoming the highest-paid QB in NFL history at $50 million per season, asking Green Bay to also pay Adams a $28 million salary is quite the request. Rodgers had to take a significant pay cut if he wanted Adams to stay with the Packers as the highest-paid WR in the league.

We’ll never know the real reason Adams pushed for a trade out of Green Bay. However, what we do know is that the Packers are hurting now. Their roster is extremely bare outside of a historically wealthy quarterback.

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