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Korean star Ji Chang-wook captivated Filipino fans at his “Reach You” fan meeting in Manila on November 6 at the Mall of Asia Arena.

Ji Chang-wook kicked off his fan meeting with a performance of “Do You Believe in Magic?”, an official soundtrack he sang for the Netflix series “The Sound of Magic.”

Korean actor Ji Chang-wook during his press conference for his “Reach You” fan meeting (VIU Philippines)

“Kamusta? Ako po si Ji Chang-wook (How are you? I’m Ji Chang-wook),” said the 35-year-old actor, who is also known for the dramas “Backstreet Rookie,” “Healer” and “Suspicious Partner.” ”

The actor revealed that it was his first visit to Manila.

“This is my first time to Manila. And many of you are welcoming me, so I feel very good at the moment,” he said.

About meeting his Filipino fans, Ji Chang-woo said he felt “fantastic. You’re so cute. You’re so beautiful. You guys are awesome.”

He explained that he called his fan meeting “Reach You” because “it’s been a long time since I’ve done a performance. We’re actually quite far from you and me, aren’t we? I would therefore like to emphasize the sense that I have reached you, I have come here closely to see you and to communicate with you.

This year marked Ji Chang-wook’s 14th year since his acting debut in 2008.

He recently starred in the drama “If You Wish Upon Me” with Sung Dong-il from “Reply 1988” and Sooyoung from Girls’ Generation.

The drama is about a team in a palliative care hospital that grants patients’ last wishes. The saddest scene for him, he said, was “in one of the episodes, the dog I was raising…died.”

Ji Chang-wook also starred in Netflix’s fantasy series “The Sound of Magic” this year, in which he played a magician.

“I had a hard time filming it but it was also a new try for me so it was very good,” he said.

When asked if he was a real magician, what was the one thing he would like to do, he replied “teleport”, saying “maybe I can teleport to Manila or Cebu”.

Ji Chang-wook said that “Lovestruck in the City,” which aired from 2020 to 2021, “is one of my favorite dramas. I thought a lot about myself while filming this show. had so much fun filming this drama.

He was also asked to recommend an item for purchase at a convenience store in Korea. He said: “These days I train a lot. I buy a lot of protein shakes. And I think I bought a lot of jellies.

When emcee Sam Oh asked him if the audience could see the results of him drinking lots of protein shakes at the fan meeting, Ji Chang-wook joked, “The drama I’m filming will be airing next year. next in 2023 and I think you’ll be able to see there.

About his drama “Suspicious Partner,” he said, “Many of you love this drama so much. I’m so grateful for that.”

Asked if he had ever dreamed of a job other than acting, he replied, “When I was in high school, I wanted to major in architecture.”

Lucky fans also got to interact with Ji Chang-wook. A fan, Mila Lomonho, was chosen in the draw to take the stage. Ji Chang-wook signed him a helmet and they took a photo together.

During the fan meeting, Ji Chang-wook performed “Kissing You” from the drama “7 First Kisses,” “To The Butterfly” from “Empress Ki,” and “I’ll Protect You” from “Healer.”

“I was very excited on the way to meet you for the first time, and you? It’s the distance between Seoul and Manila but your heart still reaches me, did my heart reach you today? Thank you for always staying with me,” he said.

He added I’m glad to meet you with a smile. I love you. ‘Till we Meet Again. Salamat po (Thank you),” Ji Chang-wook said as he said goodbye to the fans.




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