Reba McEntire is ‘a little burnt out’ on corn dogs


Reba McEntire is hard at work putting together the menu for her new venue, bar, and restaurant in Atoka, Okla., called Reba’s Place.

The new hot spot will feature plenty of personal touches and odes to real-life McEntire favorites, and for many fans, that means one thing: corn dogs. The singer has shared her love of corn dog on several occasions, posting snapshots of herself enjoying them on her social media accounts and even once presenting the fried treat to late night host James Corden.

But at a March 2022 press conference with Taste of Country and other outlets, McEntire admits that over the years she’s gotten a little tired of her favorite snack.

“You know, chicken fingers have replaced corn dogs now. I guess we got a little burnt on the corn dog,” McEntire admitted, but added that his longtime food of choice will always have his place in the menu of Reba’s Place.

“Chef Curtis, who cooks the menus for us, is a terrific chef, and he has everything from really good steaks and cheeseburgers to beans and cornbread – corn dogs and chicken fingers will be there too. “, said the singer. “I told him, whenever they’re ready to start tasting all the good food…I’ll be ready to come in and help taste it all.”

McEntire also explains that the opportunity to connect with her hometown community is even more exciting than all the good food: Reba’s Place is a team effort between the singer’s camp, the city of Atoka and the nation. Oklahoma Choctaw.

“We hope to be able to do a soft opening very soon,” she added. “Everyone in Atoka, Okla., in southeast Oklahoma, is very excited about this, and it really makes me feel good.”

“And the community in Atoka and surrounding areas is also very excited, because it brings new life, a breath of fresh air to Atoka. And everyone is really excited about it,” she adds.

As for another local specialty, Rocky Mountain oysters? These will probably not be on the menu.

“No one could cook them like mom,” adds McEntire with a smile.

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