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Best Actor Performance in Movies, Web Series


One of the best actors in Indian cinema and stage, Naseeruddin Shah, turns 71 this Tuesday. With a career spanning over forty years, Shah has secured a place among the country’s most revered artists. The recipient of Padma Shri and Padma Bhushan also wrote an autobiography and won three National Film Awards for Sparsh (1979), Paar (1984) and Iqbal (2006). On her birthday, we take a look at some of her recent films and a web series.

The Hungry (2017)

Directed by Bornila Chatterjee, The Hungry is an adaptation of William Shakespeare’s Titus Andronicus, set in northern India. It deals with the themes of the violence and futility of these excessive emotions. Shah plays the main character.

Dhh (2017)

This nationally-awarded Gujarati children’s film directed by Manish Saini stars Shah as a magician named Surya Samrat, whose shows capture the imaginations of three children. They desperately seek the magician’s advice to help them get good grades on their midterm exams.

The Tashkent Files (2019)

Directed by Vivek Ranjan Agnihotri, the thriller deals with the mystery surrounding the death of the second Indian Prime Minister, Lal Bahadur Shastri, on January 11, 1966, in Tashkent, Uzbekistan; a day after signing the Tashkent Accord to End the Indo-Pakistan War of 1965. In the film, Shah portrays PR Natarajan, a member of the 17th Lok Sabha.

Mee Raqsam (2020)

Director of photography Baba Azmi’s first director tells the story of a small town Muslim widower, Salim (Danish Husain), who swears to fulfill the aspirations of his daughter Mariam (Aditi Subedi), who wants to learn the bharatanatyam. He faces fierce opposition from his family and friends in the name of tradition. Shah plays Hashim Seth, an Orthodox Muslim who tries to dissuade Salim from helping Mariam.

Bandits bandits (2020)

The web-series deals with the clash between classical Indian and contemporary music. Shah plays Pandit Radhemohan Rathod, an expert in Indian classical music, who trains his grandson Radhe (Ritwik Bhowmik) while the latter approaches a pop singer, Tamanna (Shreya Chaudhry).

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Henderson County News: Sky Surfer inventor grew up here as a graduate of HHS

The inventor of Sky Surfer grew up here, graduated from HHS

Hunter Kowald flies over Times Square in New York.

Good Morning America viewers were probably amazed to see a 2.5-minute feature film about the young inventor of something called Sky Surfer, who was shown wearing the Engineer. And locally, some people may have jumped out of their chairs and said, “This kid is from Hendersonville! “

The inventor is Hunter Kowald, 28, who grew up in Hendersonville and graduated from Hendersonville High School in 2011.
The Good Morning America segment showed Kowald flying 30 feet above the ground in Times Square on his Sky Surfer, his feet fixed on platforms above eight small helicopter-shaped toros, a remote control mechanism in his right hand.

The ABC reporter opened the segment by jokingly asking Kowald if he was Spider-Man’s “Green Goblin”.
“I think it’s everyone’s dream to fly since they were little,” Kowald replies. He built the machine by hand for thousands of hours, using his math and engineering skills and training from UNC Charlotte.
“This thing uses 1600 amps of current,” Kowald says. “It’s a lot of power. This is about 8-10 houses all operating at the same time.
HunterKowaldHunter Kowald is interviewed on Good Morning America. [SCREENSHOT FROM GMA]Video shows Kowald sailing above the city, passing neon signs and landing on the roof of a McDonald’s.
“People see it and they think, ‘Oh maybe that looks a little dangerous’ but I’m actually super stable, like I’m standing on the ground, especially once you’ve got the right training. “
“Basically I snowboard, dance with my right arm, and parachute with my left arm and kind of bend over – so a bit of all of those things,” he replies when asked if the sky surf is like a jet ski or a Segway. “Once you get the hang of it, it’s so intuitive and it’s calm and relaxing.”
Kowald is the only person in the world with a Sky Surfer, says the GMA reporter, and he imagines practical applications that could make his invention take off.
“It could be used in emergency situations (or) for rescue,” he says. “I think most people want them for recreation. It’s definitely a fun thing to play with.
Son of Stephanie and Brian Kowald, Hunter grew up on Greenwood Drive near NC 191 and is a product of the Henderson County school system. He and his older brother, Alex, developed a passion for creative engineering as members of the Henderson County robotics team, reaching the regional finals in 2008 when Hunter was in grade one and Alex was in grade two. at Hendersonville High School. Called “Amperage,” the team worked nights and weekends to design and build a robot capable of throwing a giant red ball above or below a 6ft 6in viaduct.
Although Kowald won’t say the sequel, he teased in the GMA feature that his company had “surprise content coming up.”

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Love Island Behind The Scenes: Former Laureates Unveil Villa Secrets


We’re now well into Love Island 2021 and it’s safe to say the nation is fully invested, with fans tuning it in at 9 p.m. each night to find out what this year’s contestants have been up to.

With 14 islanders currently staying in the Mallorcan villa, including newcomers AJ Bunker and Danny Bibby, there is so much drama to follow onscreen – but what about offscreen?

While ex-islander Laura Anderson recently revealed there is a secret door in the villa’s pantry, RadioTimes.com spoke with former winners Jess Hayes, Jack Fincham, Paige Turley and Finn Tapp to learn all the secrets of the villa.

Islanders sometimes have to rehearse conversations for cameras

As genuine as many Islander talkings may sound, some of the dramatic talk that has unfolded on our screens has already taken place once before, according to Series Four winner Jack Fincham.

“If I had a conversation with someone, but a camera didn’t catch it and only caught the end of it, they have to catch that part or the viewer doesn’t know what’s going on”, did he declare. RadioTimes.com.

“There are no fakes out there, nothing is fake, everything is real. But sometimes you might need to have a conversation you’ve had before for it to be meaningful to the viewer.

“It’s the same conversation, just so they can show it to everyone so the viewer doesn’t say, ‘Wait a minute, I thought he didn’t like it? Or when did they become friends? That’s all to make sense.

Phones do not work


Islanders are frequently spotted taking selfies and receiving text messages from producers with their smartphones issued by the show, but that’s about all they can do.

“I thought we had them constantly and I could just sit there texting my friends like, ‘Ah, you know what, she’s adorable, she is. “I didn’t know they were just used to challenges and stuff like that,” Jack says.

There is no clock in the villa

It’s a well-known fact that the Love Island Villa is completely free of any timing devices – which recent winners Paige Turley and Finn Tapp can attest to.

“We never knew the time there,” said Paige. RadioTimes.com. “We tried to calculate the weather by the sun, but I don’t think we’ve ever been so good.”

Islanders in 2020 found their way around the clock-less situation by spotting the digital time on the villa’s oven. “They were going to take it out of the oven but they left it on for about a week,” Finn says. “We timed it and we would roll our eyes and say, ‘The sun is here. I bet it’s around 11:43 a.m. ‘and apparently the producers were like,’ How do they get this to be so accurate? ‘ “

Islanders don’t sleep as much as you think

In the bedroom of the Love Island villa


While it seems like Love Island’s contestants manage to catch their 40 winks (and if they don’t, it’s usually because they’re gearing up for something else right now) in on the show, they don’t have as much time in bed as viewers would have thought, according to Paige and Finn.

“Lack of sleep was like a big thing for me,” says Paige. “I feel like that’s all I’m complaining about. I felt like it was going to be like a vacation, but I think, just to make sure the stories made sense, you were actually filming a lot of the time.

Finn adds, “I mean, yeah, it was late at night – and because your emotions are heightened as they are, then you are tired as well.”

As for the amount of sleep they got, Paige says it lasted five minutes, with Finn stepping in, “Sleeping with Paige snoring, I got about five minutes.”

The cameras are really close and personal

As Love Island fans will understand, there are CCTV style cameras all around the villa so you don’t miss any of the ‘can I shoot you to chat’ actions – however, previous winners have revealed that they didn’t notice they were being filmed during dates.

“I mean, there were cameras everywhere so we kind of went about our daily business and I had no idea how full that would be,” said Jess Hayes, who won the first series of Love Island. . RadioTimes.com.

Meanwhile, Jack adds, “Obviously you had to set up cameras to do dates. You couldn’t just make a date and just hope for the best, so obviously I get it now. But the first time I had a date and there’s a camera there, I was so nervous. I was like, ‘Oh my God, what am I going to say?’

“Normally I can speak for England, but at this point I was a robot so I learned a lot about how sometimes cameras should be used.”

Islanders eat their meals off camera

Island of love


While we can’t see it on the show, the Islanders actually eat all of their meals together off-camera. “We all ate together, it’s never in front of the camera,” says Jack. “We would all sit down and chat.”

Series Five’s Chris Taylor revealed in 2019 that while all talk on Love Island is banned, friendships and relationships thrive during this time off-screen.

“There is a lot of downtime, we have lunch, we have dinner. We are not allowed to talk about the show, but we can talk about whatever we want, ”he explained. “In these moments, there are a lot of flirtations going on. “

Love Island is no longer PG now

First-ever Love Island champion Jess Hayes, who won the 2015 edition alongside Max Morley, believes the show is more ‘toned down’ now than it originally was.

“They definitely made it very PG, more than when we were there,” she said. RadioTimes.com. “They were showing us smoking, it was a bit more what you see is what you get. They showed it all.

“Now it’s very toned down and I feel like people are playing a role now because they know how it all works. They’re almost already thinking about what they’re going to do and what it’s going to look like, ”she says.

The show banned smoking in the villa prior to the 2018 series, introducing an off-screen smoking area that can be used by only one islander at a time.

New episodes of Love Island air on ITV2 every night at 9 p.m., except Saturdays, which is a catch-up. The episodes are available to stream on ITV Hub. For more information, see Instagram, Twitter, TikTok and Facebook. While you wait, check out more of our entertainment coverage or visit our TV guide to see what’s happening tonight.

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What did the TNIAAM comic book wing think of Marvel’s Loki?


Granted, “Marvel Week” lasted over a week, but we promise it’s officially over with this post. While LokiThe season finale appeared on Disney + last Wednesday, we wanted to give everyone enough time to watch the show and digest what happened (without spoilers, quite a bit has happened).

But now we dive into the show, conclusion, sequel, and other Marvel-related topics. As we do whenever something Marvel-related ends, the TNIAAM Comics Wing discusses everything you need to know about Loki.

FRONT SPOILERS, if you haven’t watched and still plan to do so, obviously.


Steve: I guess anyone who didn’t know who (Jonathan Majors) enjoyed an exhibit on the ins and outs of multidimensionality and the end of times, as well as an eloquent rampage of the multiverse by our favorite 31st century scholar, and thought of some eccentric mischievous guy getting killed as a weird ending, but damn all Nathaniel Richards (es?) are cowards.

Christian: I haven’t seen anything from Jonathan Majors before that. I love this man now. He’s gonna be awesome for the next phases

Steve: It was an emphatic “I’m stamping the MCU”

Andy: LOvevecraft country cleaned up at the Emmys for many reasons; Chief majors among these. He’s an established talent that is arguably the key element the MCU needed to move forward – another Hiddleston-level villainous talent.

Steve: To see where Hiddlestone from an unknown cast comes from Thor looks awesome. I thought he and Sophia DiMartino did a lot of physical action as well

Kevin: I don’t know exactly what I watched, but I really enjoyed him and Sylvie’s characters, and what the future might hold for us

Andy: I’m a DiMartino Stan now, please respect my decision.

I think the other fun part of this show is that it didn’t rewrite the MCU rules, but it basically said “oh, nice job finishing the game you thought you won, it turns out that this was only the first act “. And the multiverse is going to give a lot more flexibility in storytelling going forward. As an example, the rumor Spider-Man: No Path Home parcel

Christian: I’m curious if we’ll see Loki / Sylvie / Kang before their next scheduled appearances (In Loki season two and Ant-Man and the Wasp Quantumania respectively). It’s pretty well set up for them to appear in an MCU movie

Andy: Rumor has it that Loki will appear in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, but I’m not sure if that will be anything substantial given that the cast already have four co-makers (Strange, Wanda, Wong, and America Chavez). Do you think we see references to variants of Majors (maybe even a name) in anything before Quantumania.

Christian: The only disappointing thing about this is that for me, Majors’ excellent performance kind of took away some of the show’s finality that I think Disney was trying to avoid in Wandavision and in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. By not introducing major characters in the final episodes of these shows, we’re focusing more on the major ones completing their character arc, which were the overwhelming lessons of the first two Disney + shows. The fact that Loki has a season two makes this point a bit moot, but I would have liked to have felt more attached to a closing character arc rather than overwhelmed by the possible permutations of Kang that came from his reveal and subsequent dialogue.

Andy: I think that’s a valid concern and the balance that Marvel grapples with. WandaVision was not swept for any of these, and Loki definitely got BIG. I agree Sylvie-Loki’s resolution was a bit bland but season two could really dive into it since the fallout is clearly going to be severe, and Slyvie and Loki are now at the heart of the biggest MCU moment since the post-credit scene of the premieres. Avengers.

John: I credit Loki for using the finale to both close a story arc while embracing the most imaginable comic book idea. And yet it worked. Great swing with a handful of actors who absolutely go there.

Like the multiverse stuff and Kang / He Who Remains / Immortus shouldn’t work extremely well and yet it does because they once again expertly rolled out exposure and character development as a neat package. but interesting.

Andy: It’s far too early to tell, but is Kang on the same level / taller as Thanos? Or just different in terms of the “Big Bads MCU?”

John: For me, he’s already made Thanos and his goals a snap. Now this can have bad long term consequences. But we’ve seen Infinity Saga reduced to a gag before in this series.

Andy: Thanos was a rock collector. Kang is going to be something else, and I’m okay with that.

John: In episode one, Loki asks, “Is this the greatest power in the universe?” I think this show definitely answered yes.

Andy: It’s a very good reminder.

Christian: Now that the MCU is as big as it is, they definitely have a three-phase plan for Kang, where for Thanos it was a “oh it got big quickly, how do we keep it relevant?” for Avengers 3 “.

John: I think they didn’t know what to do with Thanos until they did. Here they know what they want to do with Kang and he will hide everywhere, even indirectly. The “I will do it myself” thing never made sense to Thanos. They just tried to make sense of it.

Here, Kang is directly responsible for what goes wrong. What will be interesting is how many characters other than Loki know about it before Quantumania.

Andy: And it also adds a whole new angle to the Fantastic Four movie

John: 100%

Andy: The Watts direct just after making a multiverse film (Spider-Man: Far From Home) is ripe for suspicion, but I’m glad it looks like the Fantastic Four movie will be nothing like what we saw Fox do.

John: So given all this, where do we rank Loki? I think there was a bit of infill, but beyond that I felt it was a cleverly crafted comic book story that proved to be relevant both small and large. It was odd but relatable, and provided a better formula for similar stories in the future.

I have it in the top 10 MCU projects, to be honest. But curious if I’m using too much recency bias.

Andy: I also have it in the top 10, but I’m the psychopath with my Marvel rating, so I understand if others disagree. I think the character development and the broader MCU implications were some of the strongest we’ve seen to date.

John: Having the time to build relationships was great here. And while it serves a larger purpose of expanding the reach of the MCU, it never seemed like that was the reason the show existed. It’s harder to pull off than some might think – but previous shows have highlighted what happens when that balance gets out of hand.

Andy: / watch the Avengers Age of Ultron

// Also watch Civil War much to John’s chagrin

John: Ha – I thought Civil war was a good movie on its own, but was also about 20 minutes too long and had to lift too much for the MCU plot. The Tony / Cap dynamic remains good there, but it’s not as well developed as like Loki and Sylvie or Loki and Mobius, who have had a lot less time to develop during this series.

Christian: Yeah the big thing that Loki The upside is that virtually all of the main characters have been well thought out, developed, and executed. They seemed rushed or underdeveloped in previous Disney + shows. I agree that this is one of the top 10 MCU projects.

Kevin: My only gripe with Loki is that it was difficult for the non-Marvel members of my family to keep up, so I wonder about the broader appeal of laid back? Personally I think it was meant to be very different from Wandavision or TFATWS and holds up really well.

John: I think Marvel really stopped caring about the casual a while ago, but especially after setting box office records with a three-hour film of callbacks and jokes in the universe. I think Wandavision attracted non-Marvel viewers because it was different, but TFATWS was no different, so I couldn’t do the same.

In Loki’s case, I’d say it’s the least MCU thing they’ve done to date. Rather, it was an in-depth character study imbued with the hallmarks of serious science fiction. Parts of it were an external homage to Doctor Who and to me, that’s probably what turned the casuals rather than the deep cuts from Marvel. I think Loki was pretty well contained in himself. The sci-fi chicane makes it hard to see if you’re not super invested. It’s not a hit on viewers or the show. It’ll be interesting to see if the approach changes in season two, especially if the awards buzz kicks in ahead of next year’s Emmys (and it could very well do).


Have your own opinion on Loki or related topics? Share whatever comes to mind here in the comments.

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Tottenham fans react as Nico Barella is linked with the club


Tottenham are reportedly interested in Inter Milan midfielder Nicolo Barella.

According to Marca, Spurs, as well as Liverpool, love the 24-year-old magician.

Barella’s action and interest increased over the summer after her starring role for Italy at Euro 2020.

Photo by FILIPPO MONTEFORTE / POOL / AFP via Getty Images

Although the report claims Inter will not sell the midfielder this window, Nuno Espirito Santo’s side remain impatient with Barella.

BIG EURO 2020 FINAL BUILD-UP: Combined Tactics, Talking Points & XI

As reported by Repubblica, Inter are valuing the midfielder at € 70million (£ 60million). The Serie A champions have already sold Achraf Hakimi this summer.

Indeed, Tottenham are expected to submit a club record offer if they want to sign the winner of Euro 2020.

Photo by Claudio Villa / Getty Images

And for fans on social media, they’re not at all convinced Spurs will make an approach for Barella.

Inter are adamant the midfielder will stay with the Milan club this summer. In addition, Simone Inzaghi’s team are no longer in a hurry to sell after transferring Hakimi to PSG.

Here’s what some Spurs fans had to say about the Barella-Tottenham rumor on Twitter …

Tottenham have yet to sign a player this summer, with the club close to signing Takehiro Tomiyasu according to reports.

Do you have something to tell us about this article?

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Aston Villa transfers LIVE most recent Jack Grealish, says Harry Winks and forward is about to leave


Welcome to our live coverage of Aston Villa on Sunday July 18th.

Head coach Dean Smith wants to bring in a few more players before the summer transfer window closes next month. Ashley Young and Emiliano Buendia have both joined the club before, but with a few positions to strengthen ahead of the new campaign, Villa is yet to finish business.

With a midfielder and striker on the schedule, as well as a third senior keeper to keep Emiliano Martinez on his toes, Villa has a lot of work to do.

Emile Smith Rowe of Arsenal was on the agenda after two offers were turned down while James Ward-Prowse of Southampton was also a name in the frame.

Villa has also been continuously linked with Chelsea’s Tammy Abraham, while Argentinian giants River Plate’s Julian Alvarez is also interesting.

Meanwhile, Manchester United are set to allow ex-Villa Loane player Axel Tuanzebe to leave the club this summer – will Villa take a step?

You can keep up to date with all the latest news here, as we bring you all the latest news, gossip and speculation regarding the Villans.

Follow the news of the day in the thread below.

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A full look at OU’s 2022 class after two more weekend engagements

NORMAN, Okla. – The Sooners’ momentum has more than continued since that blast on July 4th just a few weeks ago. First, they secured a sign-up from four-star offensive lineman Jake Taylor of Bishop Gorman of Las Vegas, Nev.

Now two more Sooners have jumped on board. Highly sought after kicker Gavin Marshall first pulled the trigger on Friday night. 247Sports Tight End Four Star Kaden helmets is the latest, breaking the news on Saturday night.

And suddenly, in a matter of weeks, Oklahoma went from the fringe of the Top 25 to the Top 5 of the 247Sports Composite Football Team Rankings. With a total of 168.64 points at the start of the following month Four-star wide receiver Talyn Shettron’s trade to Oklahoma State, the Crimson and Cream jumped to a total of 240.60 points, placing him at No.5.

That’s good for first place in the Big 12 conference. Red River Rival Texas (230.73) is second closest to No.7.

It’s clearly a monumental month and the second year in a row July has been huge for the Sooners. And there’s no reason to believe the momentum won’t continue for the next few days.

Get the fastest scores, stats, news, LIVE videos and more. CLICK HERE to download the CBS Sports mobile app and get the latest information on your team today.

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Disney invites fans to take a look ‘behind the attraction’


July 17, 2021, 8:00 a.m. Go see a magic show, and you can find two types of people in the audience: those who are content to be entertained by the illusions of the magician and those who want to learn the secrets of the magician.

For theme park fans of Camp Two, Disney Plus offers another behind-the-scenes look at how Disney parks were created. “Behind the Attraction” debuts July 21 on the streaming service, but don’t expect The Imagineering Story, Part Two here.

Director Brian Volk-Weiss brings a different tone to this series, creating a crisp and lively style to explore the creation and social impact of a Disney attraction (or family of attractions) by episode. The first five episodes which debut Wednesday will feature Haunted Mansion, Jungle Cruise, Space Mountain, Star Tours, and The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror.

“We’re really trying to have fun,” Volk-Weiss said at an online press conference earlier this month. “We strayed a bit from the history and building protocols of these attractions and really went for these fun nuggets that helped build the pop culture we live in now.”

“I have always had a problem with documents that deal with fun, joyful, and light subjects, but treat them as if they were the rise and fall of the Roman Empire. I never have understood that, ”he said. “We’re doing a show on theme park attractions. So why wouldn’t that be fun?”

Narrated by Paget Brewster, “Behind the Attraction” features quick cuts and crisp lines that make each episode unfold quickly. It can give parts of the show an irreverent feel that you don’t usually get from Disney.

“I find that people, shows or things that take themselves too seriously don’t get the respect they would have if they were just being honest and saying, look, we’re not gods,” Volk said. Weiss. “We didn’t make a perfect amusement park. What we did changed amusement parks forever. If you look at what amusement parks were before Walt Disney did. he did in Anaheim, it’s night and day. But it’s a show about something done by human beings being watched by human beings. How can you not denigrate yourself? “

All of this is intended to help viewers participate in what can be a complex process.

“The attractions are like icebergs,” Volk-Weiss said. “And what I mean by that, for the public, you might only see two percent of the attraction. If people knew the infrastructure that they don’t see, that makes these attractions work, I mean, they would be blown away. “

“For once, we don’t have to bite our tongues,” said imaginary Dave Durham. “We can share with the viewer some of these interesting inner stories, part of the story, some of the challenges and a lot of fun.”

For longtime Theme Park Insider readers, there actually won’t be much – if anything – new to discover in “Behind the Attraction.” Many of the Imagineers featured in the series will have told their stories in articles here about Disney media events, my interviews with them, or coverage of industry panels such as Bob Rogers’ annual IAAPA Legends event.

But just because I know how Pirates of the Caribbean ends doesn’t stop me wanting to ride it over and over again. And so are the interior stories of Disney theme park attractions. Directing and editing “Behind the Attraction” gives the series a unique rhythm that Disney hopes viewers will find as entertaining as it is informative. This is part of a new opening at Walt Disney Imagineering, which is trying to make its voice heard in the fan community.

“We wanted to create magic for our guests that they experienced, perhaps without really understanding the story behind it,” imaginary Jeanette Lomboy said of Disney’s past attitude. “We wanted our guests to come to our parks and enjoy a ride for the magic we wanted to create. But now, with the release of social media, we realize that half the story is the story that makes it up. ‘story we deliver “in the parks, she said.

Disney allowed me to watch seven of the series’ 10 episodes, including the five from the first drop. Future episodes of the first season will feature Disneyland Hotel, Hall of Presidents, It’s a Small World, castles and Disney transportation systems.

Of the seven I previewed, I enjoyed the Haunted Mansion episode the most, in large part because the development of this attraction was by far the most chaotic of all of the blockbuster Disney attractions. The episode captured the hustle and bustle of Haunted Mansion’s nearly decade-long development, while appropriately respecting the many different talented voices that contributed to the unique and extremely successful Haunted Mansion tone.

On the flip side, the Jungle Cruise episode missed not to mention recent updates, although it did find plenty of time to hook up for the upcoming Jungle Cruise movie. (Dwayne Johnson is a producer of “Behind the Attraction.”) The episode even included several (not critical) shots from the now-deleted Trader Sam animatronic that the company redesigned to eliminate the attraction.

Still, the Jungle Cruise episode aptly tells the story of the attraction’s development as a nature documentary “True Life Adventure” recreated in three-dimensional form for park visitors. And it connects the dots to the ultimate expression of that goal – Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park.

“The truth is, [Disney’s] Animal Kingdom is a realization of Walt’s vision for Jungle Cruise, ”Lomboy said. “He wanted to deliver guests to Africa with animals, and that’s what we did years and decades later. This connective tissue is strong and we don’t talk about it enough. We are just showing our guests what the final product looks like. So it was a lot of fun talking about it. “

Despite all the many ideas, anecdotes and archival footage that went into the series, Lomboy said there were many more stories the Imagineers wanted to tell in “Behind the Attraction”.

“It was a very, very difficult process to shortlist him because there were only 10 episodes. So hopefully there will be a season two, maybe a season three, maybe beyond, because there could be an episode for every attraction. if we really wanted to go that route – big and small – because there are a lot of things that go into every thing we do. “

* * *
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Is California or Florida a better place to live?

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Magician, Others Respond to Threats, Campbell County Libraries Canceled Show | New


GILLETTE – A social media campaign targeting a transgender magician and comedian turned into threats that resulted in the cancellation of a pair of family shows scheduled this week for Campbell County Public Library branches in Gillette and Wright.

Magician and comedian Mikayla Oz and library staff were threatened and harassed to the point that performances were canceled for security reasons.

Oz, a 24-year-old woman from Des Moines, Iowa, is a transgender woman. His performances in Campbell County became the target of a group of residents who complained last week that the library is recognizing June as Pride Month.

Although initially willing to do her show, which she says is family-friendly and doesn’t have an LGBTQ message, Oz said she started receiving threats online and by phone. A threatening call from an unknown man led her to decide that it would not be safe for her or her children to continue the show.

“A gentleman said, ‘We don’t want you in this fucking town. You are not welcome here. And if you come here, there are going to be problems. And then I hung up, ”she said.

She also said she received an email from a Gillette resident on Monday night that said, “You are not welcome at Gillette.”

“It was then that I realized that for my safety and that of the children and library users, I did not want to put my safety and (the safety) of those around me at risk.” said Oz.

Library director Terri Lesley said her staff had also been threatened.

On Monday, a man unknown to library staff walked in and made threatening comments ahead of Wednesday’s scheduled performance.

“I don’t have the exact verbiage that was used, but it made the staff at the loan desk uncomfortable and worried,” Lesley said. “He walked in, made a statement and walked out, you know, ‘You should shut down the library; this is not safe here ‘type of statement.

Oz’s gender identity was not previously known to the library, nor anything it considers relevant, Lesley said.

“We don’t know the personal details of our artists,” Lesley said. “And we shouldn’t. This is not who we are here in America.

Additionally, Oz said the show was booked almost a year ago and nothing has ever been said about it being any different from his usual family performance. She also said the shows she was going to put on on Gillette and Wright had nothing to do with promoting LGBTQ or other lifestyles.

“I am an artist,” she said. “I have different types of shows and levels of shows. This was going to be my family show.”

That Oz’s self-identification wasn’t an issue in his hiring or on his show wasn’t believed by many online. A Facebook post by Cheryl Kucera Vomhof read: “Leave our children alone. Do not transfer our children! The message, released before the decision to cancel, called on residents to protest the shows.

Another Vomhof article said: “The key to stopping the tranny magic show at the Gillette Library is Commissioner Bob Maul.” She then gave her cell phone number and begged people to, “Call him today. It could happen in YOUR library.

Vomhof did not immediately respond to a request for comment when contacted via Facebook.

“In 2021, seeing this still happening really breaks my heart,” Oz said. “I thought we were way past that point. Seeing this happening in small communities really saddens me. “

Other Facebook posts, such as numerous posts from an account claiming to be “Bobby Laumer,” which sports a photo of Infowars host and conspiracy theorist Alex Jones as a profile photo and gives no other information about it. identification or indication that the user is a Campbell County resident, posted multiple times in reference to Oz’s upcoming performance.

A lengthy post shared by Vomhof on his own Facebook page included a long list of inaccurate and false claims about Oz and his performance, including this show “sexualizing minors” and equating being transgender with pedophilia.

The user behind Laumer’s account posted a link in which the user said he spoke at the recent Campbell County Commissioners meeting last week, where many residents voiced their opposition to the library offering LGBTQ books and that the clip began recording at 2:48 p.m.

At this time stamp on the video of the meeting, no Bobby Laumer has been identified but rather a man by the name of Kevin Bennett, whose Facebook page has had many interactions with Laumer’s account.

The user claiming to be Laumer declined to comment on Oz’s posts or show cancellation when contacted via Facebook. Then the user blocked the News Record reporter who contacted him.

When asked if Bennett controls the Laumer account on Facebook, he neither confirmed nor denied that he controlled the account. He also declined to comment on the show’s cancellation, saying he didn’t feel like he could trust the media.

Many local residents also offered messages of support and encouragement to Oz and the library.

A series of protests came from the community at last week’s meeting of commissioners, ranging from calls for censorship to accusations the library pushed for a “queer agenda.”

Before receiving threats, Oz said she still plans to perform in Gillette and Wright.

“I’ve never had this exact thing before,” Oz said. “In my magic show, I never refer to myself as trans. My show is purely a family magic show. It was disheartening to hear that all of this was being used to spread something that wasn’t necessarily related to me.

In light of the threats and planned protests, Oz was the one to cancel the show, Lesley said.

“I want it to be very clear that the Campbell County Library has been exceptional with the way they treated me and how they responded to everything,” Oz said. “They did their best to make things work. “

She said that at first the complaints and harassment weren’t too serious. But it quickly became violent, personal and “scary”. She said she was labeled a pedophile and charged with caring for young children.

Lesley praised Oz’s demeanor and response to the incident.

“I can tell you that we have expressed our dismay and apologized for the things people say and the threats she received,” Lesley said. “She knows it and she let us know that she knew it wasn’t the staff and it wasn’t the whole community. She understands it and she was very kind about it. We have apologized on behalf of our community.

Lesley said many of those commenting on Facebook believed the library knew Oz was a transgender woman and that it was the library’s intention to bring in an artist for the express purpose of talking about transgender issues.

“This is absolutely not true,” Lesley said.

Gillette Mayor Louise Carter-King expressed her disappointment at all the dusting.

“It was very disheartening to see that someone didn’t feel welcome in our community,” said Carter-King. “We believe everyone should feel welcome in our community. It was very disappointing. “

She reiterated that the city has adopted resolutions against discrimination and that it also recognizes Pride Month.

“We’re nice and we accept, and I think that’s not represented in what’s happened with the library,” Carter-King said.

Karin Ebertz, chair of the Gillette section of PFLAG (Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays), expressed her dismay at the latest development of the library. She had had to endure the coughs, comments and laughter from the crowd last week as she addressed the commissioners to say that she supported the library “for having the courage to disseminate this information and these books”.

“I am disheartened,” Ebertz said. “But there’s also a part of me that’s angry.”

The cancellation of the performance of Oz came not only after public outcry over LGBTQ books and censorship calls on Gillette, but also after it was revealed that a Cheyenne bar was selling homophobic t-shirts claiming that the Wyomingites had found a cure for AIDS by shooting homosexuals.

She is worried about these controversies that make Wyoming turn to foreigners.

“It makes the community intolerant,” Ebertz said. “Some companies may not want to move here because of what they read about these attitudes. I am very worried about this. We are better than that. This is not who we are.

“We plan to continue the remainder of our summer reading programs,” Lesley said. “They have been well attended to date and we expect the same result. We have received a lot of support. People who stop and say, “Hey, we’re supporting you; You guys are the best. ‘ I have received emails and phone calls. It’s definitely a lot more positive, personally for me and for the staff, than we expected, so it really helped us.

Lesley said the support from the community is helping her and the library staff through difficult times.

“We are going to stay strong,” she said. “We will move forward and continue our programs and continue to support democracy, inclusion and diversity. We are a community, and we are a library that serves its entire community.

When Oz was 4 years old, she said that the first magic show she had attended was in a public library, which places still hold a special place for her. After seeing this magician perform 20 years ago, she has consulted books on magic and has been practicing ever since.

“It kind of breaks my heart. This is what I do full time. Being an artist living with a pandemic, last year has been a difficult year for me, ”said Oz. “It’s been a very good year so far.

“It breaks my heart, especially when my show has absolutely nothing to do with my back story.”

Since the cancellation, Oz said she has asked residents of Campbell County to contact her to apologize and show the protesters are not speaking for the entire community.

In June, she said she had given more than 40 shows, with around 30 scheduled for July so far. Despite the unexpected backlash, she said she would not oppose a return to Campbell County under better circumstances.

“I would love to come back,” Oz said. “Maybe one day.”

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China Inc’s new low-profile expansion

reEEPGLINT, Chinese Facial recognition companies were one of 14 companies sanctioned by the United States on July 9 on suspicion of being linked to human rights violations in China’s westernmost Uighur Autonomous Region of Xinjiang. It is also a globally recognized leader in this field, raising funds from Sequoia Capital and other large American investment firms. The founders of DeepGlint, graduates of Stanford University and Brown University in the United States, must now discuss the prospects of separating the Western business sector with overseas supporters. Many Chinese companies are forced to engage in similar consultations.

China Inc appears to be a hind leg. In the United States, President Joe Biden has echoed Donald Trump’s hiatus and imposed restrictions on Chinese companies. Last year, Congress passed a bill that could potentially delist Chinese companies from the US stock exchange, which would impact the market value of around $ 2 trillion. Huawei banned from US struggled to sell Part 5g Communication kits elsewhere in the west. ByteDance was forced to pull out of its valuable short video app, TikTok, over concerns from the United States that the Chinese administration could gain access to the personal data of global users. Another internet giant, Tencent, is said to be negotiating with US regulators who are concerned about a 40% stake in Fortnite developer Epic Games.

All over the world, Chinese companies, whether righteous or not, are seen as a tool of the Communist Party. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on July 7 that the government would investigate the acquisition of China’s largest chipmaker, Newport Wafer Fab, on national security grounds. Australia’s defense sector could break its 99-year lease with a Chinese private sector over a major port. Overseas acquisitions by Chinese companies have grown from around $ 200 billion in 2016 to $ 36 billion in 2020. Cross-border loans, mainly to poor countries, by some Chinese state-owned banks have stopped growing.

This is not the first time that the wave of Chinese business expansion has received a cold reception. The commodity giants like CNOOCThe oil company, which began buying foreign exchange reserves, raised fears of resource colonialism in the 1990s. In the 2010s, the Chinese industrial group aggressively pursued its Western chemical rivals (acquisition of Syngenta by ChemChina ) to the automobile (Geely of Volvo), which is very concerned about the conquest of Japanese companies in the 1980s. It reminded me of the world government. At the same time, the Chinese acquisition of trophy assets such as the Waldorf Astoria hotel (by Amban, a conglomerate) allowed other Westerners to dismiss China Inc as not serious or dangerous (later Amban and some). Suspicious fraud charges confirmed by the collapse of a similar group of).

Today, China’s increasingly authoritarian regime single-handedly dominates the world champions, just as innovative Chinese tech companies have fascinated Wall Street. President Xi Jinping, detached from the west side of capital markets, seems inclined to manage his data. Tencent and e-commerce giant Alibaba have lost $ 340 billion in market value since the crackdown began late last year. Days after the $ 67 billion levitation in New York City, Didi noticed that the ridesharing app was banned by Chinese data regulators. ByteDance plans to release it in New York.

Speak softly and carry a small check

It all sounds like a dangerous climate for Chinese companies. But take a closer look. A new generation of businesses is not only adapting to it, but thriving as well. Many have grown their global businesses over the years, but now they are making as much money as in China. Some are pursuing small investments under the radar. And it reverses the ten-year-old trend of copying Western intellectual property (IP), Some have become high-tech powerhouses in their own right, selling advanced products to the world.

The scale of China Inc is formidable. China was the world’s largest investor in 2020. Foreign direct investment (IDE) Chinese business hits reached $ 133 billion, a slight decrease from 2019, despite headwinds (see Figure 1). Consultancy Bain estimates that there are approximately 3,400 multinationals in the country, roughly the same number as the United States and Western Europe. About 360 large Chinese listed groups report foreign income. According to Bloomberg data, these reached about $ 700 billion in 2020, with 250 large companies making a total of $ 400 billion in 2012 (see Figure 2). In 2020, Chinese venture capitalists invested around $ 3.2 billion in 249 deals in American start-ups. Research firm Rhodium Group estimates this to be the second most important year in monetary terms. CB Information shows that Chinese investor participation in US venture capital in the last quarter was the highest since at least 2016.

China has a deep and broad presence. Last year, more than 100 listed companies made at least 30% of their revenues outside of China. 27 won over 70%. Overall, China’s top 10 foreign employees recorded around $ 350 billion in overseas sales. According to Bain, that total has grown an average of 10% per year since 2005, twice as fast as its counterparts in the United States, Europe or Japan. Tencent’s overseas sales have grown at an annual rate of 40% for nearly 10 years and now represent 7% of its huge revenue.

The forefront of China Inc’s new global strategy is deep localization. Most Chinese in the past IDE It involves buying assets. In contrast, last year the profits of foreign companies were reinvested. Home appliance maker Hisense wants to triple its overseas sales from $ 7.9 billion in 2020 to $ 23.5 billion in 2025. That’s half of the expected total. It will leave a lot of money to spend on foreign factories, R&D and marketing (it sponsors the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar, among other sporting events).

Chinese companies also retain the foreign leadership of their subsidiaries. Despite its recent merger with another state-backed giant, ChemChina has allowed the foreign assets to operate as a global corporation. Purchased in 2015 for 7.1 billion euros (7.6 billion dollars), Pirelli still manufactures tires in Italy. Syngenta paid $ 43 billion a year later, but maintains a nine-member board consisting entirely of a Swiss headquarters, mostly foreign management, and two Chinese government officials. of it. GE Top brass appliances after the acquisition of an American company. “You can belong to China without a board of directors controlled by China,” said an executive at a Chinese multinational.

The second pillar of China Inc’s new globalization strategy is to put the smallest first and avoid mega-deals. The wave of speculative outward investment from 2015 to 2017 engulfed $ 425 billion in assets and raised eyebrows equally between foreign and Chinese regulators. In contrast, of the 235 outbound transactions so far this year, only three were valued at $ 1 billion or more.

The master of making mini-deals is Tencent. According to data provider Refinitiv, it has made at least 85 cross-border investments since its inception in 2019. Many of these are small-cap stocks taken as part of a larger consortium of investors, including groups. leading non-Chinese private equity firm. For example, this year Tencent bought a 4% stake in Japanese internet group Rakuten for around $ 600 million. It’s a small change for the nearly $ 700 billion giant. He has also invested in the United States with at least 12 deals over the past two and a half years, including the purchase of $ 150 million of shares of Reddit, a US online platform that hosts a popular discussion board. I go.

Chinese companies have a global presence in a final way. Rather than rushing abroad to buy technology or copy the West IP, They themselves are on sale, says Bagrin Angelov CICC, an investment bank based in Beijing. China’s subsidies for electric vehicle and battery makers require them to own part of the core. IP, Etc. BYD, CATL, Gangfeng and SBolt competed to develop it. And they are currently targeting the export market. BYD And SBolt has a factory in Europe. That is true CATLAlso announced plans to build $ 5 billion in Indonesia in December.

Hokuto, the Chinese state’s response to the United States GPS The satellite navigation system was used in more than 100 countries in 2020. EY,consultant. China’s telecommunications services cover more than 170 countries with a population of 3 billion people. Huawei remains 5 popular choices, regardless of US sanctionsg Network in parts of Europe. Horizon Robotics, the developer of autonomous driving systems, has partnered with Volkswagen and Bosch in Germany.

And the new Chinese stars keep rising. Few fashionistas understand that Shein, the beloved fast fashion sweetheart on the trendy TikTok set, is Chinese. The company has the best shopping apps in 50 countries, including the United States, which were downloaded to more iPhones than Amazon in June. OneConnect, a financial technology platform owned by leading insurance company PingAn, sells a number of digital banking products developed for China to banks and other companies in and outside Asia. We recently designed an artificial intelligence fraud prevention system for Sri Lankan lenders.

The conquerors of these subtle enterprises may still be in dire straits by the heavy hands of the Chinese and US communist rulers and their allies. Successful Chinese multinationals have to adapt again. They have shown that it is more than they can. ■■

This article was published in the Printed Business section under the heading “Discrete Extensions”.

China Inc’s new low-profile expansion Source link China Inc’s new low-profile expansion