OLD TALE OF QUICKSAND – My Musical Lensography part 6

Sangeet Acharya Chandrachur Mukherjee


My Musical Lensography 6 by Sangeet Acharya Chandrachur Mukherjee


Readers, music lovers, business leaders, organizers and listeners of quality music, greet you all. Sorry, please.

Well, what I’m trying here is to get your kind attention just for 40 winks.

Obviously unprofessional, woe, ridiculous ignominy! Shameless pity! As artists (especially in the field of music), even now, almost after attending mid-2021, they are still dominated and dominated by dishonest, incompetent and uneducated non-musical intermediaries (most of them, who know nothing at all about music), for decades have taken over again and again over musicians / performers / singers / composers and Music Pujarees (priests).

It is they (Intermediaries) who are offered and awarded high prices for reserving Professional Artists for Recordings, Call-shows and Concerts for an organization or body.

A great intimidated negotiation takes place between the two and these ruthless middlemen immensely fill their own pockets for good.

Rhetorically. In short, Artists / Artists are being abused and exploited in this masked racket.

Too many busy personalities / businessmen / branded companies / banners neglect these basics and end up relying on these greedy pimps and remain totally clueless every time.
On the contrary, they end up paying more.
On the other hand, the Artists suffer huge losses as always.

It’s a known factor in this so-called music industry that, lobbying, oiling, internal revenge, jealousy, etc. become more relevant than creation, dedication and perseverance.

True music makers and performers (who are tender, shy, gentle, and romantic by nature) find themselves stuck in the middle of nowhere in this competitive animal rat race. Uncompromising as they are by nature, to save their dignity, they regularly reluctantly sacrifice their sources of income. Just for their respect for their own family history, Gharana, culture and the appropriate class. Dreaming and looking for the right time to perform in front of the classroom audience. They are sitting at home with insolvency.

Eureka !!!!!!
A godsend for marginal musicians on the margins.
They have an open market, clinging to whatever is convenient because they have virtually nothing to lose or compromise.

More on In this pandemic, no help has come from any sector. No tycoons, no governments
(Whether Central or State). Big Nothing.

The musicians are struggling, dying of hunger.
My sincere request to all (organizers of shows, parties, auditoriums, in particular CLUBS, BANQUETS, HOTELS, OFFICES, SCHOOLS, COLLEGES, etc.) as soon as possible, remove the mediators and approach these artists directly for reservations.

Please respect them and pay them (Honor and Money) as they are in dire straits. Remember the respected people, artists are the cultural backbone of India.


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