NHL All-Star Game 2022: Live updates, highlights, how to watch All-Star Weekend in Las Vegas


Trevor Zegras is not an All-Star. And he didn’t even win the new breakaway challenge.

But he definitely won the All-Star weekend.

The dazzling Ducks rookie pulled off a logic- and physics-defying move, dressed as Peter LaFleur of “Dodgeball” — with blindfolds and inbound dodgeballs — to score the most ridiculous goal in the ridiculous competition. It was by far the most fun event, and it’s hard to believe the NHL got rid of it after the 2016 All-Star Game (the growing stunts apparently scared off too many players). But he came back strong Friday night.

First, Kirill Kaprizov removed his jersey to reveal an Alex Ovechkin jersey (Ovechkin had to stay home with COVID-19) and did a passable impression of Ovi, including water bottle squirts and a hot stick celebration.

Zegras followed up with his signature goal. Then came Jack Hughes, who faked a boring, unfussy, aimless attempt before dressing up as a magician and producing a child in a Hughes jersey from a giant magic box. The kid scored on a spin-o-rama.

Next up is Alex DeBrincat, who dressed up as Alan from “The Hangover,” baby Bjorn and all, bringing along a few Las Vegas Raiders to serve as his wolf pack. DeBrincat scored with a football as a puck. DeBrincat seemed in line to take the lead, but noted Athleticism Subscriber (and recognized fan of the rival St. Louis Blues) Jon Hamm gave it a 7 out of 10, noting that a touchdown is worth seven points.

Finally, Vegas’ Alex Pietrangelo called on drummers from Vegas’ Carrot Top and Knight Line for his attempt. He managed to miss the net, but still won the event, as Hamm gave him 19 points to represent the 2019 Stanley Cup for the Blues.

Was it stupid? Oh yes. Was it one of the best things the NHL has done all year? Without question. NHL, don’t you dare take that away from us.

Marc Lazerus·

Senior Writer, Blackhawks


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