“Masters of Illusion” for the magic of Christmas | TV


Looking at the illusions played out on The CW’s “Masters of Illusion,” Dean Cain doesn’t want to know how they’re made. In fact, he prefers to be fooled.

“I love to be in awe of it all,” said the host of the weekly magic contest series. “So I see them do it over and over again. That’s what really freaks me out, like, ‘Wait a minute. How did you do that? ‘ And they are very happy that I cannot understand anything. But I never ask, “How are you doing? I mean, I say, ‘How the hell did that happen?’ But I won’t say, ‘Tell me your secrets.’

“I would never, ever ask for the secret – well, unless I had to do it as a trick,” he said, adding with a laugh, “in which case I should know.”

Things take on a more festive tone on Friday with “Masters of Illusion: Christmas Magic 2021,” the annual special in which some of today’s hottest magicians perform Christmas-themed tricks. So, whether it’s gifts out of a seemingly empty holiday gift bag or people stepping into a box disguised as an elf and pulling out a snowman, Cain is always in the front row for a sleight of hand. -past.

And sometimes the tricks are performed on him. Cain, who maintains that he’s not a magician but is a fan of magic, will sometimes try to deconstruct the trick but usually gives up and gets entertained by it all.

“The funny thing about Christmas,” he said, “is that they all come in and kind of turn around, give me a little ride. You know, they come and do a little something. on me, which is a lot of fun. And they amaze me constantly, constantly. … I love magic up close.

“I never took the time to try to do any of the tricks,” he continues. “I’ve tried a few coin tricks and things like that, but it’s not my thing. You know, I’m not very good at this. I can do magic on a 4 year old, but that’s about it.


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