Mashed’s Exclusive Survey Reveals the Most Iconic Product Placement of a Show or Movie


Another nostalgic film was chosen by 14.52% of Mashed respondents for its product placement: the Pepsi moment of “Wayne’s World” (Via YouTube). The scene is part of a series of intentionally ironic product spotlights, as Mike Myer’s Wayne refuses to sell out for sponsors (while smirking at Pizza Hut and Doritos). It’s not just movies from the 80s and 90s that stick in people’s minds: 19.03% of respondents picked a moment from Netflix’s “Stranger Things.” No, not Eleven’s love of Eggo Waffles; Lucas’ campy fun for New Coke got the green light. (via YouTube). Coca-Cola’s attempt to revamp its star soda is considered one of the biggest marketing failures of all time, which makes Lucas’ serious defense of New Coke particularly ridiculous.

It was clear from Mashed’s poll comments that a product placement scene reigns supreme, even 40 years after its debut. A whopping 46.41% of respondents chose “ET the Alien” as having the most iconic product placement, and that product is, of course, Reese’s Pieces. The movie was a blockbuster when it was released in 1982, so it’s no surprise that after watching Elliott share those little peanut butter treats with ET, viewers rushed to the candy aisle — and sales of Reese’s Pieces soared 65%.

Survey results show that these movie/product scenes hold a lot of memories…and bring in a lot of money.


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