Liverpool vs Tottenham highlights: Luis Diaz scores after Son Heung-min’s goal to draw 1-1 for Anfield


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Liverpool draw 1-1 with Tottenham for Anfield as they drop two points in the battle for who will win the 2021/2022 Premier League title this season.

Di mata be like two horse races like Liverpool and Manchester City don’t allow every breath of oda.

With Liverpool leading on goal difference, Manchester City take on Newcastle at home on Sunday.

As Tottenham move within a point of Arsenal, who host Leeds at di Emirates on Sunday.

Live updates as they happen

Tottenham attack at the end of Kop but a long ball is sent directly to Alisson.

Liverpool’s first takeover is dangerous as Luis Diaz cuts me inside and Trent Alexander-Arnold nearly hits Sadio Mane.

Sadio Mane runs to di box and shoots from distance. I connect quite well but I go directly to Hugo Lloris.

5 mins: Liverpool don’t set up early and are backed by a boisterous crowd for Anfield. Spurs can defend.

7 mins: Emerson Royal does well and stops Sadio Mane’s cross, with help from Son Heung-min.

Liverpool press hard, almost win, but Spurs crumble on the right. dem paly am to Alisson wey get to stop Son from touching me before the flag goes up for offside.

9 mins: Spurs were like a threat moments ago, but they’re not really in good shape right now.

10 mins: Harry Kane does well as he overtakes a few challenges on his left and takes on Trent Alexander-Arnold. The Liverpool full-back follows and tackles close to the boundary line, before exiting coolly.

11 minutes: Jordan Henderson clears a ball with a pass from Sadio Mane, gives Mohamed Salah but I shoot dey deflected into a corner.

12 mins: Harry Kane gets space to di box after a neat, floaty pass from Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg but is blocked by Jordan Henderson.

14 mins: Brief break as Dejan Kulusevski needs treatment after a challenge with Thiago. E look like say e go dey OK to continue.

16 mins: Tottenham have more ball now and are more comfortable now.

18 mins: Great work from Emerson Royal to win a throw-in from Sadio Mane.

19 mins: Trent Alexander-Arnold whips a dangerous ball with power. Emerson Royal head am and Thiago no fit control am on di edge of di box. Fabinho den press di defense immediately but dem play am away.

21 mins: Mo Salah chests a long ball into the box. E links with Andy Robertson and Ben Davies pushes me behind for the corner before Salah fires me. Davies is also lucky – the referee gives me a goal kick.

22 mins: Thiago wins and returns for Liverpool and reunites with Luis Diaz. I am given to Jordan Henderson, surrounded by two players, but I manage to win a corner after a tackle.

23 mins: Virgil van Dijk beats Eric Dier for the air and heads for goal. E go wide for di end.

24 mins: Trent Alexander-Arnold passes and stops at the edge of the box but Luis Diaz returns immediately from Ben Davies. I come back to Alexander-Arnold but I shoot at the bar.

26 mins: Harry Kane hits a good first and slips past Fabinho. The Brazilian tries to catch me with a slippery challenge but the clip from Kane’s ankles.

27 mins: Luis Diaz tackles a challenge down the left. E cuts inside and fires a shot but E is blocked by Eric Dier.

29 mins: Ryan Sessegnon tries to stop a ball from reaching Jordan Henderson for di box and ends up heading for my own goal. Mohamed Salah closes in as Hugo Lloris manages to take a dive to put me away.

30 mins: Spurs win a corner on the left but Trent Alexander-Arnold is able to latch onto me.

31 mins: Mohamed Salah was doubled in by Ben Davies and Rodrigo Bentancur, but Bentancur somehow came on later to concede a free kick on the touchline. Salah can’t go anywhere, but now Trent Alexander-Arnold is in whip form…

33 min: Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg unblocks the fall of Thiago. I come back to Andy Robertson and the header goes dangerously across the goal, and forces Hugo Lloris out.

Cristian Romero comes to give me as Sadio Mane almost jumps on me inside the box.

35 mins: Emerson Royal strikes past Andy Robertson and the ball hits for the face. Free kick for Spurs.

37 mins: Cristian Romero plays a risky pass for the back but he’s quickly backed up by Ben Davies, we slide to deny Mohamed Salah.

38 minutes: Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg arrives late on Thiago after a short pass from Rodrigo Bentancur and Liverpool collect a free kick in the Spurs half.

39 mins: Eric Dier nods behind with Ibrahima Konate behind too.

Trent Alexander-Arnold ran for the corner… And Virgil van Dijk hit me against the crossbar.

40 minutes: Thiago passes and gives Sadio Mane. E spin am to Cristian Romero and e land just for di edge of di box.

41 mins: Mohamed Salah plays Trent Alexander-Arnold but I’m hit for the wall. Thiago fires but is blocked, Sadio Mane fails to control a pass from the six-yard box and Liverpool head straight for Spurs down the left to earn a corner.

42 mins: Jordan Henderson cross dey blocked. Dejan Kulusevski tries to break but three players arrive immediately. Andy Robertson finds Luis Diaz and forces Hugo Lloris to make saves.

43 mins: Spurs break down in the middle and Pierre-Emile Højbjerg gets space. I drill well to the bottom left corner and bounce off the post.

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46 mins: Liverpool 0-0 Tottenham

47 mins: Jordan Henderson gives me to Mohamed Salah just inside the box. He tries to give me a teammate but we go straight to Eric Dier.

Cristian Romero returns under Liverpool pressure but Sadio Mane passes for Henderson behind.

49 mins: Spurs cave in again under pressure but Mohamed Salah balls into the box dey poor.

Thiago hands over to Jordan Henderson. I’m knocked down for someone for the middle, but I’m hooked quickly. The rebound falls for Trent Alexander-Arnold and he is deflected behind the corner.

52 mins: Jordan Henderson and Thiago both slip and are like them foul Harry Kane in the process. Free kick to Spurs for the midfield.

54 mins: Emerson Royal cross dey deflected behind by Andy Robertson. From corner to corner it’s half clear for Ryan Sessegnon, but when I’m back Harry Kane is offside and I know it. Liverpool den goes straight away and Ben Davies struggles against Mohamed Salah on the ground.

A dangerous Spurs break with Son Heung-min, but enough players around in the morning to block the shot inside the box.

55 minutes: Eric Dier changes left for Ryan Sessegnon. Trent Alexander-Arnold manages to block.

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Dem play am over di top for Harry Kane by Hugo Lloris. None of the Liverpool defenders challenge me and I drop Ryan Sessegnon on the left.

He gets so much space and time and I slip in the middle for Son Heung-min to help me into an empty net from close range.

59 mins: Andy Robertson fires a free-kick for Liverpool as they look to respond immediately. I find Ibrahima Konaté but the head is comfortably above the bar.

60 mins: Ryan Sessegnon is out of form on the end of Dejan Kulusevski’s cross before Alisson pays attention to the shot from the edge of the box.

61 minutes: Trent Alexander-Arnold arrives from the right and Emerson Royal takes no risks, the head is behind.

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Jurgen Klopp does not make me move.

Jordan Henderson and Andy Robertson are gone. Diogo Jota and Kostas Tsimikas arrive.

67 minutes:. Liverpool change the game, they put crosses and corners, but the Spurs block, the head goes away and clears everything.

Kostas Tsimikas fends off Dejan Kulusevski as he tries to escape to his right. E trading card.

70 mins: Na Liverpool now turn to break. Sadio Mane pings Mohamed Salah. E cut inside Ryan Sessegnon and e dey backed up. Anode card.

72 mins: Kostas Tsimikas gets a free header inside the Spurs penalty area but the header is headed straight for Son Heung-min despite several players waiting for the six-yard area. Trent Alexander-Arnold came on to try to put the pressure on but no foul.

73 min: Thiago finds Mohamed Salah. E shift to the left and cut inside the box di. E is about to shoot but Ben Davies blocks me.

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E shoot from long range and a strong deflection from Rodrigo Bentancur before entering the bottom corner.

Hugo Lloris no fit touch am and just dey look am.

77 minutes: Liverpool are hungry for a second goal. Mohamed Salah and Sadio Mane receive a few touches inside the box but they are unable to shoot. The attack continues however.

79 minutes: Fabinho curl am in towards di back post. Emerson Royal doesn’t know if someone is behind me and put me in for a corner.

E is half cleared, taken over by Thiago but Sadio Mane is penalized for a push in di box.

81 mins: Son Heung-min takes a few minutes to heal after a heavy landing but he’s good to go.

Ibrahima Konate concedes a corner for Liverpool as Harry Winks prepares to enter.

Antonio Conte is moving IM now. Davinson Sanchez replaces Ryan Sessegnon.

83 mins: Liverpool defend a few corners near the post but Tottenham retain possession.

Eventually we get to Alisson, we give him to Trent Alexander-Arnold and the crowd cheers me on.

Luis Diaz brings me back to Diogo Jota… Cristian Romero attacks me.

85 mins: Dey Kulusevski grabbed the edge of the Spurs penalty area and won a free kick for Antonio Conte to make a substitution.

Harry Winks entered as Kulusevski comot.

86 mins: Corner Anoda Liverpool. E dey erased.

Five minutes or so to see how it ends.

88 mins: Trent Alexander-Arnold cleared Spurs’ final cross and break. I come to Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg but I blow well above the bar at close range.

More changes now too. Naby Keita and Steven Bergwijn are coming. Fabinho and Son Heung-min are gone.

89 mins: Thiago sees the pass and Trent Alexander-Arnold is next but he overtakes in the morning.

90+2 mins: Steven Bergwijn tries to get the better of Virgil van Dijk but the Liverpool centre-back blocks in the morning and calls on Alisson to recover.

90+3 mins: Naby Keita starts high as he catches Harry Kane.

Free kick to Spurs for the half from Liverpool.

90 + 4 minutes: Harry Winks has entered the middle and Pierre-Emile Højbjerg is completely free. I’m trying to get back in the six yard area for Harry Kane instead of going in goal and Virgil van Dijk is playing outside.

90+5 mins: Last chance. Luis Diaz wins a corner.

Liverpool lose two points. Tottenham are just one point behind fourth place.

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