Las Vegas’ first magician turns 100 this month


When you think of the magicians on the Vegas Stravela lot of people would say names like David Copperfield, Penn and Teller Where Criss-Angel. But the magic existed in Vegas long before these whippersnappers hit the stage. In fact, the first magician of the Las Vegas Strip started his career over three decades before any of these other guys. Yes, I did say “she”. Magic wasn’t always a boys club either. And it turns out it didn’t even start like that in Vegas.

Her name is Gloria Dea. His caption is INCREDIBLE. When she was only 18, DEA made its debut in Vegas to Hotel El Rancho. One of only two hotels on a then deserted road years before it was named “The band“. DEA had done magic most of his childhood. Her father is the one who encouraged her to look for a stage to show the world her talent. This step was El Ranchoit is Gathering room. DEAThe first show was on May 14, 1941. As part of an evening variety number, according to the Nevada State Museum (Fox5Vegas). Fox5Vegas reports that a critic of Las Vegas Exam Log who saw DEAthe first show of praised her as the highlight and said that “DEA ‘completely mystified the public with his sleight of hand’. Dea’s show had a lot of sleight of hand, which is apparently quite hard to do. She was also a beautiful young woman who wore eye-catching costumes, some of which she made herself.

According Fox5Vegas, legendary magician David Copperfield is one of many musicians who have found DEA. He and his fellow performers were on a mission to document magic in Las Vegas and historians have claimed DEA Like the first. Copperfield and other magicians collected and helped restore some of DEAis near century-old accessories. DEA turns 100 on August 25 and celebrates at the Westgate Resort and Casino. Many magicians and other artists are expected to honor this incredible legend.

Watch the video of Fox5VegasSpecial report on this incredible woman. Such an inspiration and a lovely person.

–Wendy Rush, 96.3KKLZ Las Vegas

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