Lamar Jackson becomes a full-fledged magician and completes an insane pass to Devin Duvernay


Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson completely outplays Buffalo Bills’ Josh Allen in the early-season NFL MVP Candidates Week 4 game.

Baltimore scored two touchdowns in the first quarter to take a 14-3 lead after the first 15 minutes. It then went up 20-3 late in the second quarter after two field goals.

That second field goal was set up by an absolutely crazy pass from Jackson to wide receiver Devin Duvernay. Anything we write would not do it justice. Look at it in all its beauty.

Yeah, Lamar Jackson cleared himself of two potential sacks, including Von Miller having the former NFL MVP within reach. He then threw it for the win near the opposite sideline with Duvernay somehow coming back with the hold.

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Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens make a statement

Tommy Gilligan – USA TODAY Sports

Jackson started Sunday’s game completing 12 of 16 passes for 108 yards and a touchdown pass to JK Dobbins. He added 23 yards on three rush attempts.

It’s just the sequel to what has been a dominating early-season performance from Jackson as he seeks to collect a huge paycheck as a free agent in March.

  • Lamar Jackson statistics: 64% completion, 749 passing yards, 243 rushing yards, 12 total TDs, 2 INTs, 119.0 QB rating

Ahead of Sunday’s game, Jackson’s Week 4 opponents were heard praising him at nearly every turn. This included Josh Allen noting that Jackson should be the highest paid player in the NFL. The aforementioned Von Miller followed suit.

“He can throw the ball, he can run the ball, he can do whatever it takes to win games, put his teammates in good situations to win, and that’s why he should be the highest paid player of the NFL.

Nobody’s like Lamar, man. He is fast, he is nervous. Any little space he could get, he can take it away. He’s a mix of all different players and he can kick the ball.

Von Miller on Josh Allen

Jackson is coming off two straight wins in which he accumulated north of 100 meters on the ground. He also excels in the air, leading many to believe the former Louisville standout is well on his way to earning a second career NFL MVP award.


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