Junior Cricket turns pink for a cause


Marissa and Keiran Carney, Peita Harmsworth, Addison Winks (Stage 2), Lauren Winks and Barb Weller looked very rosy in junior cricket.

November 5, 2021

South Burnett’s youngest cricketers “stood up” last Saturday for a big day of games at the River Road Oval in Kingaroy.

Pink Day was a fundraiser for the McGrath Foundation, and players and parents alike took the theme to heart.

There was even a tutu!

Kingaroy Wamuran Timbers (6/155) defeated Kingaroy Pineview (4/88) by 73 points.
Wamuran Timbers rounds: Isaac 51 n / a, Josh 24 n / a, Zane 21; Deacon 3/25, Joe 1/13 and Addi 1/26.
Kingaroy Pineview innings: Joe 26 n / a, Jayden 13 n / a, Con 10; Justin 2/11 and Isaac 2/13.

Kingaroy Westlink (2/108) defeated Nanango (4/96) by 12 points.
Kingaroy sleeves: Kade 16 n / o, Levi 13, Jeremiah 12 n / o; Darcy 2/14, Allegra 0/4.
Nanango Sleeves: Angus 21, Josie 12, Emma 9; Ledger 1/17, Nate 1/21 and Sat 1/18.

Stage 3 played on day one of a two-day match between Kingaroy Mixed and Nanango Mixed.
Nanango Mixed (4/298)
Noah Birch 34 n / a
Tom Town 27 n / a
Oscar Dioth 71 n / a
Lachlan Cullen 1/13
James Whiteman 1/26
Jackson Kerkow 1/34

Nanango Stage 2 players Angus Elford, Darcy Cullen, Allegra Dioth and Josie Black watched the action
Nanango Stage 2 players stand up for McGrath Day fundraiser
Nanango and Kingaroy Stage 2 players
Some action from the Kingaroy v Nanango Stage 2 game

A little more action from the Stage 2 game

* * *

JohnPaul Stephens from Services sends one to Tania Cain from Cherbourg…

South Burnett Senior Results

Cherbourg defeated Kingaroy Services by 149 points at Taabinga State School.

Cherbourg won the toss and hit first and by the end of their 40 overs they were 8/260.

David Warner scored with 87, followed by Barry Fisher Snr with 32.

For serves, Sam Scott took 2/29 of 7.1 overs and Lachlan Watson 1/19 of four.

In response, Kingaroy Services were all out for 111 in the 29th.

Joshua Unverzagt (18) and Lachlan Watson (17) were the top scorers.

Lyndon Hopkins took 3/29 on 6.2 overs and Luke Peters 2/8 on four.

… A ball later, Cain skied it and was out, grabbed and played by Stephens

* * *

Murgon beat Nanango by four wickets at the Nanango Sportsground.

Murgon won the toss and sent Nanango to bat.

The Scorpions were all out for 155 in the 36th.

Simon Morrow was the best with the bat, hitting half a century on 52 balls.

For Murgon, Jaden Heness was deadly, taking away 5/26 from six overs, including a young girl.

Renee Irvine took 2/10 on 4.3 overs.

In response, Murgon over took the target in the 28th, finishing 6/159.

Nathan Roderick (35) and Joe Meikle (29) were the top scorers.

Abby Burrows took 2/25 and Nicholas Scherger took 2/38.

* * *

Wondai (6/207) defeated the Wooroolin Colts (84) at the Wondai Sportsground.

Wondai won the toss and hit first.

Jeremy Hobbs was not out 69.

James Whiteman (1/9), Terry Forbes (2/28) and Brett Simpson (2/42) did the damage for the Colts.

In response, the Colts were all out in the 23rd.

Stewart Lavaring (17) and Noah Birch (13) were the top scorers.

J. Brazier took the 4/22 for Wondai.

* * *

Gympie A results

The Murgon Crusaders defeated Gympie Valleys by 160 races at the Murgon Sportsground.

Valleys won the toss and sent Murgon out.

The Crusaders were 9/207 at the end of their 40 overs.

Opener Jason Webber (81) and captain Ashley Sippel (67) were Murgon’s top scorers.

Rollan Brook took 3/33 on eight overs.

In response, Gympie Valleys scored 47 points in the 23rd.

Nicholas Sanewski won 4/11 over his eight overs, including four maidens.

Graham Brown won 3/17 of eight, including three young girls.

* * *

The Wooroolin Warriors defeated the Harlequins by two wickets at Kozminsky Oval in Gympie.

The Harlequins won the toss, hit first and all lost 122 in the 38th.

Kieran Askin took 4/28 and Reg Wenham 3/38 for Warriors.

In response, Wooroolin hit the target on the 28th, 8/124.

Michael Wostear did not finish 58.

* * *

Joseph Steinhardt won 1/17 and Nathan Roderick 2/26 for Wide Bay in Lord Taverners’ 8th round match against Valley at Ashgrove last Sunday.

The South Burnett duo will be in action again this Sunday when Wide Bay takes on the Sunshine Coast at Bundaberg.

* * *

This week’s games

South Burnett Junior Competition

Stage 2 – 8h00

  • Kingaroy Westlink vs. Kingaroy Wamuran Timbers at River Road Oval, Kingaroy
  • Kingaroy Pineview Brangus vs. Nanango at Kingaroy State School

Stage 3 – 8h00

  • Mixed Nanango vs. Mixed Kingaroy at Wondai Cricket Ground (2 day match)

Junior SBCA Representative (Sunday)

  • Under-12 – South Burnett v Bundaberg at Murgon Sportsground
  • Under 14 – South Burnett v Bundaberg at Murgon Sportsground

Senior SBCA Competition – 12:30 p.m.

  • Wooroolin Colts vs. Nanango at Lyle Vidler Oval, Kingaroy
  • Cherbourg versus Murgon at Murgon State High School
  • Wooroolin Vikings v Wondai at Wondai Cricket Ground
  • Kingaroy Services has goodbye

Gympie A Grade Competition – Noon

  • Gympie Colts v Murgon Crusaders at Spencer Oval, Gympie
  • Gympie Valleys V Wooroolin Warriors in Jack Ison Oval, Gympie


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