Jon Pardi won’t even try what Carrie Underwood just did


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Having the chance to interview the biggest stars in country music never gets old. One of my favorite people to interview is Jon Pardi. We just seem to click, and I get and love his humor. The “Last Night Lonely” singer recently stopped by our studio in Nashville and sat down with me to chat about life and what he’s up to. I also asked her about Carrie Underwood’s recent ACM Awards entry, and her response is pretty on-brand:

When he arrived, I had to know what it was like to play the sold-out Houston Rodeo and do part of his set on horseback. That was the first thing I asked, and he told me that the horses they use are special horses that are trained to have multiple riders and for loud sounds. He said that when he was training with the horse, he loved it so much that at the end he was like, “How much?” But the horse was not for sale.

I asked him what was the craziest thing a fan had ever given him at a concert. I hope his answer will shock and surprise you, just like me. Another thing I learned about Jon was how his new venture in the whiskey and bourbon business is going. He was telling me how his new liquor is so popular he can’t even get free bottles sent to him. He has to go to the liquor store and buy it for himself.

He’s got a new radio single on the radio, and he’s working on a new album. He told me when it should be released this year, but he doesn’t know what the final sound will be because there are still so many songs and he and his team have to cut it down. I’m interested in shrinking the cuts of potential albums: how they go about doing it and what happens to the ones they don’t use.

At the end we played a fun little game called “The Celebrity Net Worth Game”. Jon did well too, and we certainly had a lot of fun playing it.

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