James Weir recaps Big Brother VIP: embarrassing end to Meghan Markle’s ordeal


Two weeks of hell for Meghan Markle ended with one last squeaky moment. James Weir recaps.

Unofficial Big Brother VIP contestant Meghan Markle wraps up her stint on the Channel 7 reality show when her bizarre stepbrother is kicked out of the mansion during Tuesday’s episode and – in one sleek final move – tries to repeatedly flirting with a horrified Sonia Kruger.

Honestly, the things Kruges has to put up with. She’s a horsewoman.

The eviction is good news for Meghan, who has been the hot topic of conversation throughout this season of the reality show. Her bitter brother Thomas didn’t waste a minute in front of the cameras – breathlessly spitting insults about the Duchess and detailing the perceived slights. Watching tonight’s elimination on the 7Plus live stream, Meghan will undoubtedly breathe a sigh of relief and collapse into a well-placed lounge chair in her Santa Barbara home.

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The producers feel their time with Thomas Markle Jr – and, by extension, Meghan Markle – is about to run out. So they desperately try to squeeze the last drops of the tabloid drama out by getting the bitter father to send a letter home.

“Dear Tom, we are all so proud of you,” he read aloud Thomas Jr. “Over the past two years, we’ve recovered from a bad relationship. A boxing career, a Chinese beer business. you got up and got rid of all the things that made you fall and you got away from all the negative and cleared your head.

Hmmm. Truly? Has he gone from negativity? And do we have more information about his bankrupt Chinese beer business?

Everyone sits in silence while sucking on Zooper Doopers and thinking good thoughts.

After 40 very tedious minutes of physical challenges, we finally arrive in the elimination room where Thomas gets kicked out with another girl.

Kruges Zoom calls and chats with all the bozo competitors. This is when Jessika begins to worship Thomas.

“I thought Thomas was a nutty, sarcastic brother who wrote a horrible letter to his sister but, really, Thomas is fun and interesting and he lived a colorful life,” she observes.

For Thomas, admiration is mutual.

“I would let her cheat on me anytime,” he said of the former Married at first sight star, who rose to fame because of an on-screen affair.

It’s a joyful interaction. So much love in the bedroom.

Kruges points out that this is the fourth time Thomas has been in contention for elimination. For most of us at home, this is just dumb chatter. But for Thomas Markle Jr, it’s a romantic declaration of interest from Kruges.

“Well now I’m okay to be here for the fourth time because Big Brother said if I go to the eviction chair four times in a row you’ll take me out for ice cream,” growls. he does.

Kruges remains silent and remains completely still for what appears to be 20 seconds, apparently claiming that the video call has frozen.

“… Sonia Markle? “she said finally, tearing the envelope frantically to reveal the eliminated candidate.” … Anyway … ah … “

Thomas is then quickly expelled. But instead of making a quick exit, he decides this is the perfect opportunity to publicly ask Kruges for a date again.

“Does that mean we’re always going to get ice cream?” He winks.

Kruges visibly shuddered. “I can’t make that promise, Thomas,” she shuts him as the screen goes black.

Getting rejected twice by Kruges doesn’t dull Thomas’ mind. Stepping heavily towards the Uber and collapsing in the backseat, he reflects on the positive experience of his entry Big Brother and sledding his famous sister.

“It gave me the opportunity to purify my soul,” he said. “I posted the correct letter to Meghan – it’s in the mail. And the end result of this letter would be simply the smallest of any type of response – however, in any form. It might take a month, it might take a year.

Thomas, Kruges will agree to a date with an ice cream before Meghan responds to that fucking letter.

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