IV Therapy Franchise plans to open more than 50 sites in 2022



WARWICK, RI, January 3, 2022 / PRNewswire / – Looking to change the way people think about intravenous nutrition therapy and make cellular health a way of life, The DRIPBaR, a Rhode Island– a service-based deductible serves intravenous vitamins. The brand has seen tremendous growth over the past year and is excited about what to expect in 2022.

The DRIPBaR closes an impressive year by opening 11 sites of which more than 430 are still in various stages of development. It comes at a time when the public is more careful about their health and more invested in finding ways to stay healthy while dealing with a national pandemic.

“I am so proud of the work we have accomplished throughout this unpredictable year,” said the CEO Ben crosbie. “Now more than ever, people are starting to recognize the power of intravenous therapy to maintain their best health and are looking for new ways to complement conventional treatment options. This has always been DRIPBaR’s mission and I look forward to seeing it happen. growth continues until 2022. “

The brand is gearing up for a busy year as more and more sites are in development across the country. According to Crosbie, DRIPBaR is expected to open up to 90 locations in 2022 in various states across the country, including;

  • Hawaii (10 locations)
  • Long Island, NY (Up to 20 locations)
  • Indianapolis, IN (10 locations)
  • Atlanta, Georgia (Up to 20 locations)
  • Phoenix/Scottsdale, Arizona (18 pitches)
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (11 locations)
  • Orlando, Florida (10 locations)

“We are extremely grateful for the growth DRIPBaR has experienced over the past year and are delighted to be able to open more sites across the country,” said Crosbie. “It reinforces the fact that there is a market for our services and that there are people who can benefit from our IV infusions.”

Each DRIPBaR location is USP 797 compliant and offers 18 lifestyle or health IV infusions, including the Jet Setter, Time Machine, Restoration, Flu Fighter, and High C. The price for each session varies by approximately $ 100 at $ 200 and people sit in the chair for 25 to 40 minutes. All intravenous infusions are handled by registered nurses under the direction of a licensed medical director. For those who don’t have time for a full IV vitamin infusion but are looking for the benefits, DRIPBaR can give your body a boost in just five minutes with any of its seven IM Quick Shots. IV therapy provides positive nourishment for conditions like colds, headaches, cancer, chronic illnesses and even helps slow the signs of aging.

Including a franchise right of $ 55,000, the initial investment to open a 1,000 to 1,500 square foot site is approximately $ 131,700 at $ 278,300. For more information on the franchise opportunity, visit www.thedripbar.com/own-a-dripbar.

Created in 2016 and franchised since the end of 2019, DRIPBaR is a Rhode Island-Franchise focused on helping people achieve their best physical and mental health by using intravenous therapy. Through advancements in cellular and biological science, DRIPBaR helps clients fight the consequences of chronic disease, combat the effects of aging, and achieve balanced well-being. With 12 sites currently open and operational, DRIPBaR already has nearly 430 additional sites in various stages of development in 27 states. For more information visit www.thedripbar.com.

Contact: Hunter Devereux, Elevator PR franchise, (914) -486-0330, [email protected]




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