Israeli magician performs card tricks behind reporter on live TV


An Israeli magician has become the epitome of opportunism after his video circulated on social media this week. The video posted to Reddit shows a reporter engaged in a live report, however, it is what is happening in the background that catches the eye of viewers. A magician or an illusionist realizes that he is visible in the frame and grabs his deck of cards to do an unsolicited performance while the reporter is doing a report.

The show was featured on Israeli News Channel 13, as the magician performed mind-blowing card tricks in the background. First, the magician shows the audience the deck of cards he is holding. He then drops the package to the floor, one at a time, and lets the audience know that his hands are empty. Showcasing his magical skills, he then pulled an entire deck of cards out of his mouth, before tossing them into the air. All the while, the magician in the red t-shirt made sure to use his facial expressions to communicate with the audience while looking directly at the camera. After the performance, he left the frame with a lot of grace.

The video was shared on Reddit by u / nahoy9595 on subreddit r / funny. Captioning the post, the user wrote: “He’s always been waiting for this live performance.”

Redditors certainly enjoyed the impromptu magic show right in the middle of a report. Many users praised the wizard’s expressions as one user wrote, “His face in the first half was like ‘you see that? What are my hands doing? Is it real?”

While some users wanted to reward the magician for truly ‘stealing the show’, as one user commented, ‘Give him a trophy for stealing the show! LMAO.

Some users of card tricks even guessed the man’s magic trick in the video and said it was called “backpalming” which is “quite a fun thing!” Another user wrote: “This is called card manipulation (or card manipulation for short). This is a branch of the sleight of hand card magic. One of those easy things to start, incredibly hard to master.

What do you think of this magic show?

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