Hunter Greene closes questionable record for most runs allowed by a rookie


Hunter GreeneThe first season of In the Big Court is the very definition of a roller coaster ride. Last night, it was the ball from the home run that hit him again. The Cincinnati Reds rookie has now allowed 22 home runs in 79.1 innings of work in 2022.

Greene leads all pitchers in permitted circuits with its nearest competitor seated four behind. Miami Marlins pitcher Elieser Hernandez and Baltimore Orioles pitcher Bruce Zimmerman each let 18 balls leave the court.

On the plus side, Greene is among the best pitchers in the league in terms of strikeouts. The flamethrower hit 98 batters who rank 14th in all major league baseball.

The current record holder for the most home runs allowed during a rookie season belongs to Rob Bell. In 2000, the former third-round pick allowed 32 homers in his first year in the major leagues.

Bell finished the season 7-8 in 26 starts and sniffed out 112 batters in 140 innings. Bell was traded to the Texas Rangers the following season and allowed another 32 home runs in 2001. During his seven years in the majors, Bell gave up 125 home runs. Let’s hope a similar fate doesn’t await Hunter Greene.

Let’s not forget that Greene is only 22 and missed a key development due to elbow surgery after his first professional season and the coronavirus pandemic which canceled the 2020 minor season.

To those who want to see Hunter Greene returned to the minor leagues, I would just ask a question. Is Greene one of the top five pitchers on the Cincinnati Reds roster? We all know the answer is yes, so it belongs in the big leagues.

Greene is going to take bits and pieces from him and learn from them in his first major league season. This team has 25 games under .500 and isn’t going anywhere, so it makes perfect sense to allow the youngsters to learn on the job during what’s going to be a lost season.

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