How to Beat Narwa The Allmother in Monster Hunter Rise


Narwa the all-mother is the final boss of Rise of the Monster Hunter. After imbuing herself with the power of her late king, Narwa gains the ability to control wind as well as lightning. This is a long, multi-part chase that tests the player’s mastery of movement.

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Fighting the Enhanced Narwa is more about placement and dodging than anything else. His attacks have massive hitboxes and unusual moves. It’s a beautiful sight, but it can also be a frustrating hunt. Here’s how to defeat Narwa the Allmother and finally bring peace to Kamura Village.

How to Unlock Narwa The Allmother

Narwa the Allmother is exclusive to high rank hub quests. After defeating Teostra, raise your Hunter Rank up to 50. Master Hojo will then entrust you with the Urgent Quest, “the all-mother“.


This hunt takes place in Coral Palace. The game gives you a Prism Spiribird early on before taking you straight into battle. Remember not to eat dango for field skills (like Dango Bird Caller) as they won’t really help.

Narwa The weaknesses of all mothers

Narwa is weak to the Dragon and Ice elements. If you have weapons of these elements, use them. His weaknesses aren’t particularly great though, so don’t feel pressured to switch if you don’t want to. Status effects outside of Blast aren’t particularly effective. Additionally, Narwa cannot be put to sleep or trapped.

Different parts of Narwa’s body will glow throughout the fight. Still attacks incandescent parts when they are at hand. They have very good hitzone values. If you deal enough damage to these parts, you’ll topple Narwa. Attack the big Thundersac on its belly for even more damage.

Blunt and cutting weapons are equally good against Narwa the Allmother. Ranged weapons deal significantly less damage – as little as a quarter of what other weapons do on certain hit zones.

Best Weapons and Armor

Unfortunately, ranged weapons are no good for Narwa the Allmother. As mentioned, they do much less damage than other weapon types. The arena where you fight Narwa is also quite small relative to its size, so it’s hard to keep distance. Most of his own attacks are projectiles, so the distance you have from her won’t matter much. Narwa spends most of her time upside down, so it’s not difficult for melee weapons to hit her head.

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You need good positioning to avoid Narwa’s attacks. Breakout Extension and escape window are excellent skills here. Guarding against his projectiles is possible, but tricky.

Do not enter this fight with negative thunder damage resistance. Almost all of Narwa’s attacks are Thunder elements. If you can’t change your armor pieces, use decorations for the thunder resistance skill. It is a level 1 decoration, so it is easy to insert.

Hunt Narwa The Mother of All

You will have to overcome Wind Serpent Ibushi before Narwa appears. Ibushi isn’t much stronger here than his Rampage appearance, so he’s pretty easy to beat. Once Ibushi is near death, he will fall into an underground cavern and meet Narwa. There are machine guns here – take advantage and shoot Narwa with them. You should also search hunting aids in the cave. Some of them are very useful, like Aurortles.

Narwa will start attacking hunters once she absorbs Ibushi’s power. Many of his attacks will look familiar to you. She retains her projectile-focused fighting style from your first encounter. However, this time they move in different ways, making them harder to dodge. Its giant lightning rings spin horizontally and its tail slap has a thunder follow. Narwa’s attacks hit hard. If you need to sheathe your weapon to dodge effectively, do so. Try not use Wirebugs to dodge horizontally. It’s far too easy to outgrow it and move on to something else.

Most of Narwa’s attacks are strongly telegraphy. You’ll know where a bolt of lightning is about to strike because the surrounding air will glow and crackle yellow for a moment before.

The falling stars

Narwa the All-Mother uses dragoners for his most infamous attack. Giant spears will spin around her as the winds pull you towards the center. Dodging the Dragonators is very difficult. Wait for the yellow ball of lightning in the center of the arena to disappear and run into. You might think it’s safer to run outside, away from Narwa in the center, but the Dragonators are harder to avoid there.

Platforms with guns will appear during the second phase of the attack. You have a few seconds to step onto a platform before Narwa creates a huge explosion. If you’re on the ground during the explosion, it’s basically a trolley guaranteed. You can dodge this whole sequence of attacks with a prankster, if you wish it. Once back at camp, wait about 30 seconds before returning.

Halfway through the fight, a invading monster (Magnamalo, Teostra, or Kushala Daora) will attack Narwa and give you a free Wyvern Ride. When “Proof Of A Hero” starts playing, Narwa’s attacks will become faster.

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