How can tarot help us connect with our spirituality? A lecture


Once upon a time, the only way for an average person to access tarot was inside the carnival stalls, where women in garish costumes read their fortunes. Today, the tarot is quickly anchored in the dominant society. Even Disney has released a series of decks based on their many iconic characters.

What caused this seemingly sudden increase in the popularity of tarot?

I believe that there is a strong correlation between the positive reception of the tarot and the decline in the rate of religious adherence. All over the world, people, especially young people, are increasingly suspicious of religious institutions.

While jaded people may believe that the ultimate goal of religion is conformity, for many generations it has also served as a gateway to their own spirituality. Spirituality is a crucial part of human evolution and emotional well-being. It is a fundamental pillar of our sense of purpose and it is also an important aspect of self-esteem.

Due to religious decline, there is now a spiritual vacuum. Tarot can help us fill this void. Carl Jung – one of the founding fathers of psychology – was deeply influenced by the occult and, in particular, tarot. He saw human archetypes in these cards and modern tarot readers have developed this concept to view tarot as the universal human experience. As such, we can use these maps to learn things about our own psyche and how to process knowledge buried in our subconscious.

When we read tarot on our own, we cultivate a sense of empowerment. Instead of being told what to think and feel, we take control of what we want to learn by deciding what questions to ask the cards. And the answers, interpreted by ourselves, are naturally adapted to our own lives.

The following is an example reading to provide an overview of how we can use tarot to rediscover our spirituality. The answers to the questions are just what I see in the cards. Maybe the pictures invoke an entirely different set of answers for you and that’s okay. There is no wrong answer. The key is to embrace your intuition and let the maps guide you to your true self.

What is currently blocking my spiritual development? Map: The Magician

Normally, this card is about the manifestation of our own potential. In this reading, however, I am drawn to the focal point of the cross created by the strings. I see the magician on one side and we, the observers, are stuck on the other side. We watch the magician rise to the mystical heights, while feeling barred from entry.

Unfortunately, those who have felt judged or condemned for not conforming to current societal morals may embrace the belief that the way of the magician is not open to them. They were told there was no room for them on the other side of the ropes.

This is simply not true. Spirituality is a connection to the divine and it is a basic human right granted not by governments, religious institutions or any other form of worldly authority. It exists within each of us, and although it can be deleted, it can never be eradicated.

Why would emphasizing spirituality improve my well-being? Card: 7 coins

This card shows a person who planted seeds and is now waiting for them to sprout. In some readings this is interpreted as patience. In relation to our current topic, this card talks about the notion of investment.

Being in tune with our own spirituality is investing in ourselves because it encourages self-esteem and the belief that our lives are valuable. To keep spirituality in our hearts is to have a well in which strength is stored. When life gets tough, instead of giving up on ourselves, we can tap into our spiritual well for motivation and hope.

How can I create a deeper connection with my spirituality? Card: 10 of Wands

A chandelier attached to a rope hangs from a pole. At the other end of the rope, a woman is tied to it. While the message of this card alludes to difficulty, it is also very beautiful. On the one hand, the woman has the duty to anchor the chandelier. This forces her to stay in position and creates a physical weight that she has to carry.

On the other hand, we can see this as the woman being in charge of her own source of light. This is not an easy task and there are times when it seems like it takes all of your effort and concentration just to keep the chandelier in place. And yet, she accepts this task because she understands that it is the price to pay for independence and security.

To connect with our own spirituality, we must claim responsibility for ourselves. Spirituality comes from within and no one can bridge the gap between our hearts and the divine for us. No matter how much our friends and family may love us, they cannot take us to the other side of the rope where the magician’s journey begins. We have to achieve it ourselves.

Wing is a GTA based tarot reader and teacher, you can find her on Instagram @tarotmechanic

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