Horizon Forbidden West: “DLC in the works” Two cast members are back on set, but it hasn’t gone well yet


Dominique Kaufmann | 23/07/2022 19:35

The film’s actress Aloys says she’s ready for some mocap action on Instagram. In another post, she and Louis Van Beek will appear, and even Stars Forbidden West.

Peggy Vrijen was responsible for the action strewn in the toy action-packed area and is responsible for a stop in the West Horizon Forbidden. Now she has returned to work as a motion photographer. She’s Instagram worthy, she’s got a signature mocap outfit, posting, Ready for the mucus game.

Motion capture is included in the work.

Just a day earlier, Vrijen posted a photo of himself and Louis Van Beek. As a thought, there was a small cup. This is the reason for these two posts, so fans suspect Reddit that a DLC for the real-life offshoot of Horizon is in development.

FYI: Acting actress Ashly Burch was responsible for Aloys’ voice and appearance in the kiss scenes. The stunned Dutchwoman recorded the audacious animations of the machine hunter. In fact, 90% of movements are made from Vrijen. Basically, the directors don’t want to be hurt as a result of an important actor, because the filming would have to be interrupted.

A story expansion in Horizon Forbidden West wouldn’t surprise you. The first part of Frozen Wilds is finally out. The ending left plenty of room to relive this story. Theoretically, you can dive in the forbidden West again this year.

There is a prospect for the next adventure in Aloys: a mysterious castle is located in a remote part of the game world. This location will have a huge impact on the prospect to expand public awareness.

Apart from that, the two actors could also participate in the VR title “Toaster: Call of the Mountain.” Aloy is not the main character there, she can still have a supporting role.

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Either way, the Horizon franchise will continue to grow in the future. In April, game director Mathijs de Jonge performed a third part, and there is also a show planned.

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