High Point 2022 National Round 4 Results


Ryan Nitzen | June 18, 2022

Round four of the Lucas Oil AMA Pro Motocross Championship is live at High Point Raceway, one of the staple tracks of the American motocross scene. All-weather conditions allowed for epic battles all day. When the ladies flew, fans watched Eli Tomac and Jett Lawrence take the overall wins.

450 Motorcycle 1

Chase Sexton threw the 450 with the holeshot on Joey Savatgy and Justin Barcia. It was bad news for the rest of the field as Sexton extended his lead to over five seconds after just three laps. The points leader was absolutely relentless in moto one as he led every lap of the race and won by more than 10 seconds on the line.

Eli Tomac did what Eli Tomac does and continued to improve as the race progressed. He fought his way through the field, passing Savatgy and Anderson en route to second place. Once in position, Sexton had gone too far and Tomac held on for second place.

Jason Anderson finished third in the first run. He battled for a podium with his teammate Savatgy, but an off-track excursion dropped the 21 machine down to fourth place. Anderson put on a heavy load late in the race to recover lost places and stay in the box.

There were great battles on the track throughout the race. One in particular involved Ryan Dungey, Ken Roczen, Barcia and Savatgy. Those four regrouped near the end of the run and traded passes back and forth. They left everything on the track and put on a great show for the fans.

450 Motorcycle 2

Ryan Dungey gave the High Point crowd a big holeshot in race two. He led the first corners before Ken Roczen overtook him for the lead. Roczen held the spot for the first round, but Dungey and Sexton both found themselves leading the pack, trading passes with the 94.

The battle for the lead quickly heated up as Eli Tomac joined the party while Roczen and Sexton traded places. Sexton threw one of the big singles around Roczen for the lead, but Roczen got it back two laps later. A small bobble from Sexton then allowed Tomac to pass, and he quickly set his sights on Roczen.

Again, Eli Tomac was simply on the gas more than the rest. He rounded Roczen and dropped the hammer to open up a sizable lead. Tomac walked away with the win and took his first overall of the year with a 2-1 finish.

Chase Sexton recovered from his bobbles mid-race and passed teammate Roczen late in the race. Sexton finished second in the race and second overall with scores 1-2. It keeps the points ahead in the process.

Ken Roczen found himself locked in a battle for most of the second 450 moto. He seemed to fade halfway through and was passed by Sexton and Dungey. Roczen, however, found a second wind and helped Dungey late in the race to a podium finish. Roczen’s 7-3 scores earned him fourth place on the day.

Jason Anderson secured third place overall today. The 21 had a strong run for moto three of race one, but had their work cut out for them in moto two. A hard-fought fifth place was enough for third place overall.

450 overall podium

450MX Overall Results

1. Eli Tomac (Yam) 2-1
2. sacristan hunting (honored) 1-2
3. Jason Anderson (kaw) 3-5
4. Ken Roczen (honored) 7-3
5. Ryan Dungey (KTM) 6-4
6. Justin Barcia (GG) 4-7
seven. Joey Savatgy (kaw) 5-8
8. Christian Craig (Yam) 8-6
9. Garrett Marchbanks (Yam) 10-10
ten. Shane McElrath (Hus) 13-9

250 Motorcycle 1

Seth Hammaker made an escape in Moto One. He grabbed the holeshot and led the first half of the race before Michael Mosiman charged and took over the lead. Mosiman led for a few laps but tipped into one of High Point’s deep ruts. Hunter Lawrence was second at the time but found himself in the lead after Mosiman found himself on the floor. Lawrence controlled the top spot from now on.

Jett Lawrence came in second after a mid-pack start found him outside the top five. He kept going as the bike moved forward and passed Mosiman and Hammaker as the clock ran out. Jett crossed the line second.

Jo Shimoda was another hard charger in the first moto. He came out of a bad start and managed to get around his teammate Kawasaki Hammaker at the end of the race. Shimoda crossed the line in third.

After looking fast the whole race, Michael Mosiman found himself in the lead at one point. After a fall, he finished fifth.

250 Motorcycle 2

Seth Hammaker grabbed the holeshot again in moto two with the two Lawrences trailing second and third. Hammaker tucked in the front and crashed before the end of the first lap but recovered for a sixth.

Hunter Lawrence then took the lead with his younger brother Jett closely in tow. These two looked for a break, but Justin Cooper joined the leaders after about five minutes. He actually managed to pass Jett Lawrence, but Jett jumped inside and rounded the Yamaha rider.

Later, Jett Dive bombed one of the runs and got the pass for the lead. Hunter stalked Jett for a few rounds and did the same move to get back around Jett. These two fought an incredible battle up front before Jett finally started to build a gap. Hunter fought hard late in the race and the two finished just half a second apart. Jett grabbed another overall with finishes 2-1, Hunter second at 2-1 and Jo Shimoda third at 3-5.

250 Overall Podium

250MX Overall Results

1. Jett Laurent (honored) 2-1
2. Laurent hunter (honored) 1-2
3. Jo Shimoda (kaw) 3-5
4. Michael Mosiman (GG) 5-4
5. justin cooper (Yam) 8-3
6. Seth Hammaker (kaw) 4-6
seven. RJ Hampshire (Hus) 7-7
8. Max Vohland (KTM) 6-9
9. Brown Pierce (GG) 10-10
ten. Nate Thrasher (Yam) 9-11



Jason Anderson clinched first place in the 450. The track continued to get tougher in the second session, but Anderson was one of the only riders who managed to set a better time. He edged Eli Tomac’s first time by just 0.03 seconds, but Tomac was the only other rider in the 2:02 range. Chase Sexton finished third with a time of 2:03.0. Crazy to see times in the 250 and 450 classes nearly identical, we’ll have to wait until the gate drops to see how the track forms.


All the boys looked fast this morning but Jett Lawrence recorded the fastest lap of the two qualifying sessions. He and his brother Hunter Lawrence were the only two riders to break the 2:02 mark, which would have put them first in the 450 class as well. Justin Cooper was third, about half a second behind the Lawrences.

Jett Lawrence clocked the fastest time in the 250. Photo: Brown Dog Wilson


450MX Combined Qualifiers (Top 10)

1. Jason Anderson (kaw) 2:02.662
2. Eli Tomac (Yam) 2:02.692
3. sacristan hunting (honored) 2:03.046
4. Ken Roczen (honored) 2:03.061
5. Antonio Cairoli (KTM) 2:03.499
6. Joey Savatgy (kaw) 2:04.293
seven. Christian Craig (Yam) 2:04.421
8. Ryan Dungey (KTM) 2:04.469
9. Aaron Plessinger (KTM) 2:05.315
ten. Garrett Marchbanks (Yam) 2:05.518

250MX Combined Qualifiers (Top 10)

1. Jett Laurent (honored) 2:02.664
2. Laurent hunter (honored) 2:02.714
3. justin cooper (Yam) 2:03.145
4. Nathanael Mocker (Yam) 2:03.306
5. Seth Hammaker (kaw) 2:03.470
6. Jo Shimoda (kaw) 2:03.791
seven. Michael Mosiman (GG) 2:04.515
8. Nicholas Romano (Yam) 2:04.820
9. Stilez Robertson (Hus) 2:05.305
ten. Brown Pierce (GG) 2:05.506

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