Going back to the Middle Ages is not winning


The closer we get to election day, the more we see far-right Christian nationalists and extremists trying to scare people to death.

The Republican Party’s platform to take away rights and make it harder to vote; cuts to Medicare, Social Security and health care; remove the protections that keep our air and water safe; opposing the right of workers to organize and bargain; tax cuts for the wealthy and their pressure to make the Christian dogma of certain sects the law of the land do not reflect the majority opinion of American citizens. Going back to the Middle Ages is not winning.

So, to maintain power and control, they throw everything against the wall to see what sticks. What will cause Americans to question the electoral process and weaken trust in American elected officials, health departments, county clerks, law enforcement, public libraries and schools? Lying about a global pandemic, safe and effective vaccines and other public health measures; pretending there is something dodgy about the electoral process and getting people to show up in Detroit and other cities and make up lies about voter rolls and ballot counting. Imagine that Donald Trump won the 2020 presidential election (he didn’t, by the way). Insert agents who tamper with voting machine tabulators. Spread ridiculous propaganda about ballot stuffing, Hunter Biden and any conspiracies that would scare gullible people. Plotting an insurrection, trying to steal the election.

In the meantime, escalate the culture wars. Ignore the pedophilia of so-called “Christian” conservatives; inventing lies about Hillary Clinton and mindless conspiracy theories about Jews, immigrants, Antifa, BLM and satanic woke liberals. Make manly men and the manosphere, with their creepy obsession with not only their own but other people’s genitals (including dolls), rage about manly things such as guns, chopping wood from heating, scary women and using force. Scare people about imaginary things that don’t happen: CRTs and schools prepare children. Use old extremist favorites like getting parents to ban books and programs from public spaces. Theocrats and right-wing extremists should make the decisions for everyone, right?

Republicans in Michigan have apparently decided that the best way to trick people into ignoring their real goals is to choose candidates for office from the villain table at the Mos Eisley Cantina on Tatooine. Select an alleged soft-core zombie vampire movie star, someone who allegedly threatened to kill himself and his family, and an election denial agent who could face federal charges, for top state offices . It gets worse down the line.

The far-right media constantly tells us that America is bad, that things are terrible, that we should look up to fascists and strongmen like Putin and Orban. We watch Putin follow Hitler in real time, annexing an independent sovereign nation and these anti-democracy factions make excuses for Putin. History repeats itself, the same way the Compromisers made excuses for Hitler as he annexed his way through Europe.

Then the straw broke the camel’s back: Lizzo played the flute!

Not just any flute. This crystal instrument was a gift to President James Madison, made by Claude Laurent in honor of Madison’s second inauguration in 1813. Lizzo, a 34-year-old super-talented Detroit-born American pop superstar, is classically trained , concert-grade flautist. She was invited to the Library of Congress to see their collection of flutes, which is the largest in the world. As far as is known, she was the first to play this particular instrument. While there, she also played some of the others.

She didn’t just play that crystal flute; she turned it on. You can find a video of her performing in the Library of Congress building at youtube.be/3mb62QNXY0g.

What has the collective ultra-MAGA heads exploding, with more calls to fight back in a war against woke liberal enemies destroying all that is good in America? Lizzo is tall. She is black. She wore a bodysuit. She twerked.

That’s it.

As the proud geek of the band, I say: Enjoy the music; muffle the noise.

Pam Taylor is a retired Lenawee County teacher and environmental activist. She can be reached at [email protected].


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