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Few people would cite an old gun, newspaper box, or changing machine as their favorite fishing trophies, but then again, Michael Dale is no ordinary fisherman.

He is one of a growing number of magnet fishing enthusiasts who take to the waterways in search of long-submerged treasure. Based in Lindsay, he shares his love for the hobby on Instagram.

A popular pastime in Europe, magnet fishing has taken hold in North America thanks in large part to social media influencers, like Amsterdam’s Bondi Treasure Hunter and Facebook communities, such as Magnet Fishing Canada and Magnet fishing masters.

attract the big guys

Much like a traditional lunker hunter, Dale gets the biggest thrill out of shooting the big ones – like bikes, shopping carts and safes. After all, the heavier the load, the more money he gets from the scrap heap.

“The feeling when you’re hanging on to something heavy and you don’t know what it is until it hits the surface, is a feeling you just have to feel for yourself,” said Dale, pointing out how addictive it is.

“A saying that I live by for the hobby is ‘Anything can be anywhere,’ and that philosophy drives me to cast this magnet,” Dale explained. “You can get valuable finds. It just takes time and patience. »

The fact that he clung to nothing during a brief photo shoot earlier this summer came as no surprise, however, given how much he’s already cleaned up in his hometown hole. favourite.

Rainbow Bridge and the River Scugog yielded a wide variety of tools, signage, and fishing gear. He even recovered a police truncheon and firearms, including one Albion No. 2 MK1 Enfield Revolverwhich he handed over.

Make Connections

Between throwing his magnet from the pedestrian bridge and retrieving it, he chats enthusiastically with interested passers-by. He enjoys making those connections, although he’s sometimes asked if he’s caught a rainbow trout.

“What I appreciate most about people who come to see me is that they usually have historical anecdotes about the surrounding area, as well as advice on potential magnet fishing spots I should seek out. “, did he declare.

Dale uses a Brute Magnetics double-sided magnet with 1,000 pounds of pulling force per side, and recommends always using one with more than 500 pounds of pulling force and checking your rope’s breaking strength.

He encourages anyone of any age interested in magnet fishing to give it a try. “Just want to share with anyone interested in seeing the beauty of magnet fishing and the things that lurk in Ontario waters.”

For more of his finds, follow Dale on Instagram and YouTube @DaleDiscoveries.

Originally published in the August 2021 issue of Ontario OUT of DOORS magazine.

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