Get Machine Washable Weighted Sleep Mask, Now 52% Off


We are all looking for a better night’s sleep. The health benefits are seemingly endless, and everyone knows how hard it is to function in just a few hours. If you’re looking for ways to make sure you get your 40 winks, a weighted sleep mask is a great way to provide extra relaxation and block out any light that might disturb your sleep.

The Ocushield® Bamboo Sleep Eye Mask is the world’s first and only FDA-registered device. It’s been made by sleep experts in Japan with over 40 years of experience, so rest assured your rest is in good hands. And right now, you can bring one to bed for just $32.99, 52% off regular price, for a limited time.

Did you know that light sources mainly contribute to awakening. It’s not always possible to invest in expensive blackout curtains and cover every crevice where light might sneak in, so a more affordable and effective option is a good sleep mask. And what better than a device that’s not only machine washable, but packed with features to help you rest even better!

In addition to blocking out light, this bamboo eye mask also features a weighted feel that brings extra calm and relaxation to the bedroom (or during a nap on a plane!). It’s filled with glass beads that distribute a soothing, weighted sensation to key pressure points in your eye area while ensuring you aren’t disturbed by light.

Temperature plays an important role in restful sleep, which is why this mask is reversible with an ultra-soft plush cushion that’s comfortable for cold winter evenings and a cooling bamboo filter that feels breezy on warm ones. summer nights. You can also use hot and cold eye therapy with this mask – when warmed it helps to relax your eyes and opens the pores which allow oils from the eyelid glands to give much needed lubrication, and when cooled , it can help reduce inflammation and puffiness around your eyes.

Enjoy a relaxing sleep with a Sleep Foundation approved mask that is also recommended by sleep expert Dr. Whitney Roban. The Ocushield® Bamboo Sleep Eye Mask can be yours for just $32.99 today.

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