Games With Gold Kicks Off Halloween With Two New Free Additions: Maid of Sker and Costume Quest



Two more games are in the process of creating the Xbox One Games with Gold program, well in time for Halloween. The freshly released Maid of Sker and the Double Fine Classic Costume Quest are now both available for free to anyone with an Xbox Live Gold or Game Pass membership.

They join the underrated puzzle Slayaway Camp: Butcher’s Cup, which is still available, October 1-31. Make way for the retro adventure game Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy, which looks like a decent trade. Settle in: these games won’t be around forever, and Halloween is a great time to give them a round-up.

What did we think of Maid of Sker? Our reviewer Gareth Brierley said it was “A very good horror experience; one that manages to create an extremely scary atmosphere and delivers a good story throughout. It borrows quite heavily from Resident Evil in terms of layout, puzzles and maps, but that’s not a bad thing, ” giving it a 3.5 / 5. If you are dreaming of a Resident Evil style survival horror game then, it seems like it is worth browsing.

As for Costume Quest, it’s an oldie but a goody. So old, in fact, that it predates TheXboxHub by several years, so there are no reviews to consult. Rest assured, it’s worth playing and hasn’t aged too much. It’s a lightweight RPG from the pals of Double Fine, and it manages to make an endearing, family-friendly adventure out of a sleight of hand gone awry. A bit like the following – Costume Quest 2 – Is it that.

Everything gets interesting next month, with the release of Xbox Series X. All eyes are on Games with Gold to see what it will offer the next generation of consoles. As for October, try to enjoy your Halloween more confined to the house with classic horror games at Games with Gold.

All the details of the free games delivered throughout October 2020 through the Xbox Games With Gold program:

  • Slayaway Camp: Butcher’s Cut: Available October 1-31 (Xbox One)
  • Maid of Sker: Available October 16 to November 15 (Xbox One)
  • Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy: Available October 1-15 (Xbox One, Xbox 360)
  • Costume Quest: Available October 16-31 (Xbox One, Xbox 360)



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