Games company Leamington challenges small developers with rewards including major investment and Tesla electric car


Kwalee, the leading Leamington-based hypercasual mobile game company, has taken on the challenge of rewarding small indie game developers for creating compelling and original titles.

In his Hypercasual Heroes challenge, which is open for submissions until Tuesday, August 31, Kwalee is looking for mobile games that feature new game mechanics or ingenious twists on existing ones.

The games chosen and winners will be decided based on how well they performed in initial testing, which could earn the developer a lead of almost £ 30,000 ($ 40,000) before the game even launches worldwide.

Kwalee CEO David Darling disguised himself as

Kwalee CEO David Darling disguised himself as a ‘hypercasual hero’ to launch the game company challenge in which independent developers can win substantial investments and a Tesla Model 3 electric car (pictured).

Post-launch milestones can boost bonuses for a single game up to £ 72,000 ($ 100,000) – alongside an all-new Tesla Model 3 car for the developer whose game reaches the finish line the most quickly.

All of this even before the profit sharing payments that come with the publishing deal are factored in, so “hypercasual heroes” are eligible to earn more through uncapped royalties.

Kwalee CEO David Darling, who invented the multi-million-unit game modification and cheat device that Game Genie sold during his time at Codemasters, said: Can make global hits with millions of players.

“We are always looking to develop titles that are completely different from what has been seen before and now we are investing heavily in encouraging other developers to do the same with Hypercasual Heroes.

“We don’t even need to see a full game – just a video or a few levels can be enough to see a game’s potential.”


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