Football recruitment in Syracuse: four-star DE François Nolton commits to Orange


After a relatively light haul since the start of signing day, the Syracuse Orange were expected to further add to their recruiting class of 2022. That came true on Saturday night when OF Francois Nolton Jr. is committed to Orange. The Miami native announced his decision after visiting downtown New York over the weekend.

Nolton is rated four stars by ESPN. The defensive end was previously committed to Florida before disengaging in December. Nolton has attracted interest from a number of notable Power Five programs, including Alabama, Auburn, state of florida, Penn State and more.

Nolton’s addition to the Orange class of 2022 is significant for a multitude of reasons. He immediately becomes the top recruit in Syracuse’s recruiting class this year. The position Nolton plays is also important with massive turnover on the defensive line. Every starter in Josh Black, Cody Roscoe and McKinley Williams departed from the Orange along with a few key replacements in Kingsley Jonathan and Curtis Harper. Nolton could be in a prime position to start or at least launch into both depths by the time he steps onto campus.

Syracuse now has 14 players committed to the Class of 2022 with Nolton and three transfers to Bralyn Oliver, Juwaun Price and Dan Villari. Nolton becomes the third addition to the defensive line along with Belizaire Bassette and Denis Jaquez.

Welcome to Syracuse, Francis! Glad to see Saturday’s single-digit weather didn’t throw you off. Here is his band here:


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