Flashback on October 14: Mattoon soldier among those protesting against ambush patrol duty | Lifestyles


MATTOON – Seven members of the Mattoon Ministerial Association met yesterday at the YMCA and notably discussed the issue of opening cinemas on Sunday. The matter was dealt with fairly and a resolution was passed unanimously expressing its opposition to the opening of these businesses on the Lord’s Day. Ministers are calling on all of our people to give serious thought to this important issue so that they can vote intelligently, said CF Buker, for the association… MATTOON – Freight transactions on the Illinois Central Railroad via Mattoon for the month of September have been not quite up to the August business, but they were over $ 5,000 than in September 1920. Shipments of coal from the mines were unusually low during the summer months. The reaction sets in. Now the dealerships are frantic for cars. The fruit and vegetable business in general is down, with the exception of bananas and citrus fruits which remain more or less the same. There is also a strong movement of potatoes from Wisconsin and Michigan. Much of the broom corn moves, mainly to small manufacturers in the north and east. Daily shipments have been regular and business has been very satisfactory… ARCOLA – Farmers in this region are now profiting from a price war between cream vendors. Three weeks ago the price paid for the cream here was 33 cents a pound. On Wednesday this week, a dealer offered 51 cents a pound. When a new reseller arrived a few weeks ago, they raised the prices by a dime. It started a price war that rose to 41 cents a pound on Tuesday. But on Wednesday, a dealer announced a 10-cent increase. The war is still going on.

MATTOON – A soldier from Mattoon was among those who told their officers on Saturday that they would refuse to conduct a night ambush patrol, according to United Press International. Army specification. 4 Ernest French of Mattoon, the front man in the peloton, reportedly said: “There was no good reason to have this patrol. We have been told to do a night ambush patrol, but there is nothing to ambush. There isn’t even a trail there. All we would have done is stumble in the dark in an unfamiliar area and get shot at for nothing. A protest letter sent to US Senator Edward Kennedy was signed by 66 members of society… WASHINGTON – A Mattoon native has been elected to a key post for next year’s Democratic National Convention by party regulars. Ms. Patricia Roberts Harris, originally from Mattoon and former US Ambassador to Luxembourg, has been elected Acting Chair of the Credentials Committee. She won by 72-31 votes against US Senator Harold Hughes. Ms. Harris, 47, is also the former Dean of Howard University Law School… MATTOON – The name of the US Grant Motor Inn has been changed to Hotel US Grant. The hotel opened on August 13, 1928, as the US Grant Hotel. Several years ago the name changed to the US Grant Motor Inn. Mel Kinnaman, hotel manager, said management believes the property “is a hotel and we believe the public would prefer to stay in a hotel.”

MATTOON – Four members of the Beardstown Ladies Investment Club, one of Wall Street’s most surprising successes in recent years, spoke in Mattoon on Saturday about investing and managing money. Speaking to an audience of around 100 at the Mattoon chapter of the American Business Women’s Investment Expo, the four stressed the importance for people to start investing when they are young adults. The 16 club members pooled their money in 1983 and started investing. They’ve averaged nearly 23 percent annual returns, written two books, and been featured on several TV shows… CHARLESTON – The annual CROP Walk raised nearly $ 9,000 on Saturday. With the help of numerous sponsors, 115 people took part in the six-mile walk, raising $ 8,800 for the Charleston Food Pantry, the Mattoon Food Bank and Church World Services, an international relief agency. David Primeau, CROP Walk coordinator, said the total is expected to exceed $ 10,000 once final pledges are received.


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