Exploding Kittens launches new game with award-winning magician Penn Jillette


LOS ANGELES–()–Today, Explosive kittensleader in entertainment and games, announced the launch of its new game, You lie Sack, who is an unprecedented collaboration with Penn Jillette of the legendary magic duo Penn & Teller. Drawing inspiration from Jillette’s career, You’re lying is an honest game about lying where players either bluff or tell the truth.

“Although I have made my living as a magician, I’m really just a professional liar playing between truth and lies – and that was the inspiration for the game,” said Jillette, professional magician and artist. “You’re lying is to lie, deceive and defraud your friends and family. You will have to do mental gymnastics to win the match, as the best liar wins.

Ideal for ages 7 and up You’re lying is a strategic game where opponents not only play the game, but compete against each other. Players reach into the Lying Sack, grab a “good thing” or a “bad thing” in their clenched fist, then look each opponent in the eye and either bluff or tell the truth. If someone is convinced to take the item, then that player’s turn is over, but if no one agrees to take it, that player must keep it. Players who collect 10 wrong things are eliminated and the last player standing wins the game!

“Everything you love about Penn is in this box,” said Elan Lee, CEO and co-creator of Exploding Kittens. “We worked with Penn to design a game that celebrates the skill required to trick a friend. We knew we were done with the design the moment Penn finished playing a game and shouted, ‘Let’s play some more!'”

You’re lying is built on the mischievous joy of outsmarting people, bluffing and getting away with it, and the AH-HA moment of figuring out someone’s lying. The game takes five minutes to learn, 15 minutes to play, and up to 5 people can join in the fun. You’re lying includes one good thing, 50 bad things, the lying bag, the dice and a game board.

You’re lying is available on ExplodingKittens.com for $19.99 and at Walmart in January 2023. For more info on how to play, check out this video.

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