Every Xbox One compatible game will work on the Xbox Series X & S


The full extent of Xbox Series X and Series S backwards compatibility was revealed in a tweet from Jason Ronald, director of program management at Xbox.

While the PlayStation 5 will focus solely on PlayStation 4 compatibility, the Xbox Series X / S will run all Xbox, Xbox 360, and Xbox One games currently playable on the Xbox One at launch. The only exception is for games that require the use of a Kinect camera to function.

So even if you won’t be able to read your copy of Fable: The Journey, there are still many other (much better) options around.

If you have a dusty old copy of Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell on Xbox, for example, you will be able to try it on the next generation. You can even play through Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy, if you really wanted to. However, not all Xbox and Xbox 360 games are backward compatible yet. In fact, there are many notable omissions. You’ll need to check out this list to see if your favorite game makes the cut on Xbox Series X and Series S.

The Xbox team is actively working to close the backward compatibility gap between the Xbox Series X / S and previous consoles, so if your favorite game isn’t available yet, there’s still a chance it could be upgraded. next generation of consoles.

Ronald said in his tweet that all backward compatible games “will look and feel better” on the next generation, likely referring to the faster load speeds and improved graphics of the Xbox Series X and S (although the exact details are not yet clear). still unclear).

This is great news for anyone looking to upgrade to the next generation without leaving the older generation behind. If you want to trade in your Xbox One console, now you know that all your games will work on the new console.

It’s also a very different approach to what you’ll find on the PlayStation 5, which is only compatible with “most” PlayStation 4 games. (There are currently 10 PlayStation 4 games that will not work on the PlayStation. 5.)

For anyone buying an Xbox Series X or S this year, there will be plenty to play on the next generation of consoles, regardless of new titles being delayed next year.

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